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Resurrection of Messiah


Jesus’ resurrection should mean a whole lot to Christians.  Paul says that if Christ is not raised, our faith is in vain.  Therefore, the linchpin of Christianity is that Jesus is the Messiah, and he was killed under Pontius Pilate, and was raised bodily to eternal life.  Jesus being Messiah is crucial to understanding his relationship to the Kingdom – he is the King of it!  In previous posts I emphasized the fact that the King died for you.  Instead of meeting you on the battlefield, he took the cross, and died for you in order that you would be his on the last day.

We should realize the power in the resurrection!  Surely nothing could separate the Son from the Father – therefore nothing can separate us from either of them, should we stay in the faith.  Based on Ken’s post about the lord’s supper – we are to examine ourselves (1 Cor 11.29-ff) during this time.  We are to examine ourselves to see if we are one with the Son and one with the Father.

Ultimately we want to be associated with the Son, so that we are resurrected as the Son was.  We want to speak about Jesus to others, so that he will speak to the Father about us.  We want to follow Jesus’ footsteps, the narrow road, so that we will not be taken in the wide road and destroyed.  The apostles took great pleasure in beatings and whippings – that they could partake in the suffering of their lord.  We need to look more like Jesus – so that one that blessed day – we look again more like the resurrected Jesus.  We don’t want to be people who see their reflection in glass, and turn, forgetting what they look like.  We don’t want to be people who, now that Easter Sunday is past, return to their regularly scheduled life.  We don’t want to forget the lord who died, and was raised for us.  We want to die, so that we might be raised as he was.  We want to partake in that association.  I urge you to read Romans 6 – to see the biblical way to associate oneself with Jesus’ death and resurrection.  I urge us all, myself as well, to repent – for the King has been raised, and the King comes soon!  He comes to divide his servants, to see whether we are faithful and busy servants.  If we have grown what he has given us to do while he is away.  If we have partaken in the lord’s supper this weekend – we declare to God that we bind ourselves to the New Covenant, and our terms in upholding it.  Let us hold fast so that we might attain the resurrection!


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