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How to grow


I have to tell you, I’m eating a piece of yesterday’s birthday cake and drinking a cup of coffee.  My house is a comfortable 70 degrees, and I just had a lunch with a “healthy” dose of all my favorites, salt and butter too.  The fact is I have absolutely no idea what it means to struggle, what it takes to survive in the sense of gut wrenching effort..

I read in all my favorite “man books”, that in order to feel vital, I have to take on something, I need a challenge.  Honestly though, the most I have to take on is my sluggish lack of discipline..

Which brings my thought for today, (which was supposed to be blogged yesterday-just to prove my point)-

If we don’t treat our levels of discipline-(I’m leaning towards the spiritual disciplines here) as if it’s a matter of survival, we certainly won’t grow.   Think a minute,  doesn’t it take a pile of effort to get anything accomplished?

Our little birthday celebration last night was for a brother who honestly has little in this life, but the boldness with which he has shared God’s Word, and the trust he has placed in God, will amount to great rewards in the kingdom.

Do we strive to gather up treasure “in heaven”, or what about – “where your heart is- there will your treasure be also.”

Brethren, i confess to all of you, I treasure my wife and our son, more than my father in heaven, and it’s terribly wrong.  Father, forgive me, and give me the grace to change, to look to you as my life spring, and my joy- if not, I cannot overcome.

We all must assess our own hearts, and repent of anything that we love more than God, or we cannot be his disciples.

I can’t tell you that the gall to address like I have came from me, it actually came from my brother in Christ -after last night’s engagement.  He had the alacrity to tell me he’d looked at my heart and could see it, and told me what I needed to do to get it right..

Has anyone ever had the blessing of a friend like that?  It’s disturbing, but it’s effectual.  Now granted, he has no tact at all, and i recommend any of us that want to provoke each other in such a manner had better use tact.  It just so happens I’ve known this man for several years, and know he’s doing it because he loves God and is fervent for the faith-

Think of the parable of the unjust steward- the Lord said- “you knew I was an austere man..”  Do we really know what it is God is commanding us to be?  in light of what was required of the Messiah, we need to first require more of ourselves, and second help one another to acomplish it. STRIVE TOWARDS THE MARK!  rather than TRUDGE>>

God Bless you in the Fight,


One Response to “How to grow”

  1. on 20 Jan 2008 at 5:42 pmRich

    Thank you for your honest words!

    I think you speak for all of us, at least in part, concerning discipline. Well, certainly me, anyway!

    Speaking for myself, I know that it is all too easy to take things for granted, and to slip into the “status quo” groove of life, and to lose sight of exactly all that God, our Father, has actually done for us.

    I know I constantly need God’s help to see what He has laid before me, and the glory that will be mine in His Kingdom, if I will only stay faithful! Like Paul’s prayer in Ephesians 1: 15-23.

    But when He does show me, then I am motivated to stay the course, and jump in with both feet, and do what He requires.

    Thanks for encouraging us to get back in the fight and to keep the faith.



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