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Needful things


He calls two or three times a month.  Unsolicited, but consistently.  He usually leaves his messages on my voicemail.  The messages aren’t to call him back, aren’t to do him a favor, they usually revolve around one thing, speaking the Words of God, the Holy Scriptures, to me in a personal way.  He calls it “fire from heaven ministries”, and I want to tell you how much it has meant to me.

In the current world we live in, the struggle against the spirit of the world and our own carnality, not to mention the slanderous attacks of the devil against our minds, it can be wearying.  It can seem lonely.  Not to be melodramatic, but to make a point..I know there are those out there that would say i don’t know the half of it, or could go off on a tangent about the fact that the church in America has no clue about struggles, matter of fact, those are the lines I am usually touting, but the truth is our humanity can be a desperately heavy thing..and the only thing that can lift our eyes and our hearts in hope is the Promises- the Words of God.

So, back to my beloved brother’s ministry..I’ll leave him unnamed for now for one reason, so that you all can be inspired by his work, to do the same, and we won’t be tempted to give the man glory.  I believe the work is inspired by the Holy spirit, and I hope that any who read this would think about versus of scripture that could encourage and strengthen your brethren who may be down, who may be frustrated, or maybe you have no idea why, but you feel led by God to share a scripture with another. Speak Life into their lives.

His labor of love has engendered me to him in a deep way, because there is no balm, no refreshing spring, no glory known to man, like the Words of the living God.  They are what is sharp and powerful, they are what we need …Anybody hear me?
So, preach the WORD, even if it is as voice mail messages.  It will profit more than you think.


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  1. on 03 Feb 2008 at 8:25 pmSean

    Thank you, this is something we need to do–refresh one another through Scripture.


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