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The Throne of the heart


In brief, I want to relay a conversation i recently had with a brother about “making people out to be more important than we ought”..it may seem that I’m trying to downplay our service as believers, not at all.  Serving as an act of worship to God, however, rather than an attempt to please or gain favor from man, is my point- the difference of which is whether we have found right relationship with God or in idolatry (harsh,but arguable, even if not a conscious idolatry).

I spent my whole life serving, i was taught that that is what love is, was given the model of Messiah jesus to emulate, and that is right, and it always garnished me favor, even praise occassionally.  Now that I am, well, older.. I realize that there exists a fundamental flaw in that paradigm. If the motivation isn’t clear..which it wasn’t – in my case.
One: it places the importance on me-and garnishing favor and

Two: on the ones I’m serving/helping- which normally is what we are told to do, and what most of us decry the lack of!! We need more love!  We need more servants!! But most of the servants don’t have it down either!  What message do we give them?  Well, mainly this:

Until we know the love of God, in a deep, forgiven, sanctified, personal and a new “relationship to kingly authority” (at the least) way, and our motivation is to please Him, we are putting others on the throne of our hearts, which isn’t where they belong

And in doing so can actually cause others to sin..

We do it with Pastors, Worship Leaders, Teachers, Respected Peers, Accountability/ Prayer Partners..you name it – we’ll make them ..gulp..idols.

So, repent if you need to, get alone with God and “Sanctify the Lord God in your heart”  Relationally, seek to get your affirmation, validation, and Praise from your Father in Heaven, not man..




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