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If we were to think of God as our Father, like Jesus told the disciples to, (and God says in many passages)-would it help us any in our walk with him?  After we have read the Bible front to back, and attended all the classes, and heard all the teachings, won’t we just realize that  by His great love, he foreordained one, to rule, the Kingdom of creation, in perfect unity and purpose, the Glory of The One True Living God, and that by substitutional representational atonement, we are able to be grafted in through faith, into this realm of Glory, and that our identities are transformed by our direct contact with Him-in our Father’s love (as opposed to transformation through serving others- I learned the hard way that that is only profitable if you’re doing the fiirst first) I don’t think we can educate ourselves into this revelation..I would even stake a claim that from personal experience, you can be a pastor, and not be born again…you can serve you’re whole life, and not be transformed by faith into a child of God, but really, isn’t that the most important thing..I want to implore everyone who looks at these words to remember that unless we become as little  children, we cannot see the kingdom, SIMPLIFY the message folks-you must be born again-am I?.  that’s the beginning, and until you are blissully cognizant of the redemption, don’t move to do anything, lay hold of His tassles and beg if you must, without the joy of his salvation we are missing the boat. And if, maybe you just need to remember.. like the Apostle said, I can know all mysteries, but without love I am nothing.  And it doesn’t just mean love for others..because if I don’t have love for God first- I can’t love at all.  So, simplify the message for ourselves today, ask yourself, am I conscious of the Love of God? and is it being reciprocated by time alone with him?  I confess I need more of it , let’s do it now.




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