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I regret I won’t be dedicating the time that this merits, but with help from the holy spirit, hopefully my normal bleating will be usable by Him.

I want to mention the phenomenon of looking to everyone else for God’s revelation to us..anyone else realize they do this?? I find that the hardest thing to do when I really need to, is to fall on my face before God and cry out for His Presence and power, or His Grace and Love..Even sometimes when I should be crying out to God and instead I pick up the psalms, I’m comforted, and blessed, but I haven’t actually dealt with my heart’s need for direct personal contact. I know I could probably word this much better, more comprehensively, but this is where God needs to help.

I remember a few things, in this passover week, one the people of Israel were given the promise to inheret the land, and when it was time to do it, they wanted some MEN to help them figure it out (12)…and it was soo “reasonable” an idea –Moses went along with it! Additionally, what about the people wanting Moses himself to speak to God for them, “Lest we die”, well yeah, that seems to be what we’re all running from, isn’t it..Well I want us to remember, the only way the seed sprouts is to die, and the only way we’re going to grow is to get into the presence of Yahweh-and die..it’s only in the presence of Yahweh that you’ll dredge up all the filth that’s been plugging up your systems for all these years, and only in the presence of Yahweh that the washing can be done..by our high Priest Yeshua..

So remember, when you want to go to the pastor, or the counselor, or the friend from wherever..you’re not going to get where you need to go for DELIVERANCE..that comes for us direct from God, that’s the way he wants to give it to us..Not to mention the fact that without that personal Hand Of God deliverance in our lives-what is it that will stand on that day?? Nodding your head at someone else’s good teaching?? Singing at the worship tent?? I’m not trying to undermine the value of teachers and worship “leaders”, but REMEMBER!! look how easy it is to defer our responsibility to our “leaders”..

A nation of priests- the new covenant. God help me and us to grow so we are more effective than what I see around me, we are a sorry “Lot”, (myself included) I’m sad to say..and I think this may be the main reason why.



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