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Keeping the feast


Hey all, just a word of encouragement to keep the feast of unleavened bread in the spirit (ICOR5:8)..that along with (IIPETER1:1-8) let us partake of that great grace that will always make a way for God’s glory to be revealed.

My good friend called about 1pm Saturday to say he was “a little stressed..” and was looking for a pledge of sorts for a helping hand..he went on to say that while he and his wife were at the grocery store, the two eldest (of six) children were babysitting and a fire had broken out and everyone was safe..but he wouldn’t know the extent of the damages until the fire dept said he was able to go back inside..

Well, a little background, this brother and his wife have struggled and fought to get hold of God’s love and grace, have let the conviction of the spirit condemn their selfishness and pride, and are very hard at work making a godly family, through picking up their crosses..

By 9pm that night, i called him to inquire as to what arrangements had been made and ..Beloved- Our God is a loving God..get this, the Mrs.’ boss had put them up in an apartment for free, as well as buying them all new beds, and gave them a minivan to get around until the work is done.!!  SHOUT OF GRACE!! (ZECH 4:7)

In closing – MALACHI 3:16-



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