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I get devotional thoughts from a pastor-friend of mine named Steve Taylor, many on this board may know him as well and this particular one really struck me. The link to his blog is http://www.kingdomdreamer.blogspot.com/ this particular blog was posted on May 29.

The urgent need is to simplify. In this fast-paced, high-tech age simple priorities have been buried under mountains of complexities.

“Truly I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child will not enter it at all.” (Mark 10:15)

In a complex age it’s much too easy to mistake the simple for the superficial. But the simple kingdom requirement that Jesus outlines in this verse is anything but superficial. There is beauty in the simplicity of what is required but the implications are deep enough to merit a lifetime of discovery and application.

The ultimate maturity is found in childlikeness. Amidst our deepest study, exposition, and theology lies the most basic, life-changing challenge of all: accept and act upon the great invitation through simple faith. Diligent study yields insights and understandings that are essential, but keen intellect inevitably reaches the barrier than can only be breached through the action step of simple faith.

Faith must never be a substitute for diligent study, but intellectual exploration will always be inadequate without the energizing force of faith.

I’ve spent countless hours in conversation and correspondence with individuals who felt compelled to intellectually grasp the entire scope of God’s word and plan. Sadly, they never grasped what they diligently sought because, in the final analysis, they failed to take the simple action step of faith.

A child takes the words of one whom they trust at face value. They have yet to be tainted by the complexities of adulthood that causes them to look for hidden meaning and motives in the words of others.
Diligent study of God’s word is for the purpose of clarifying the simple steps of faith that our Father requires if we are to please Him (Hebrews 11:6; James 1:22). True Bible study clarifies rather than confuses with complexities.

In a complex age the timeless challenge to walk in the simplicity of faith remains. There is great depth in simplicity.

May we never lose the wonder and awe of child-like faith.


How often have I looked for hidden meanings in the words of others and tried to intellectualize how someone thinks or feels about me? How often have I done this with God? Dustin posted a comment a few days ago asking why we can’t just be “doulos christos par ecellance” which although is transliterated Greek mixed with French seems to capture what I am saying about myself. I was thinking about that phrase and thought, “That’s too easy!” But that’s the problem, it should be easy, but we have complicated it. I agree with what Steve is saying, we need to be sure we study the bible, but we have to be careful remain as childlike as we can in this study.

In Christ



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