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Evangelism Conference


Last weekend we held an evangelism conference at Living Hope Community Church in upstate NY. During the conference we focused on what the biblical gospel is and how to speak the gospel of the kingdom and the cross to a world in desperate need. The weekend included teachings, an interactive video workshop, role playing, and an evening out at the park. We wanted to provide an opportunity for those who wanted to try out what they had learned while at the same time not forcing anyone who wasn’t ready to do evangelism. Fortunately a good number of people did speak to people at the park and we had a wonderful time discussing these encounters as well as some related questions regarding evangelism in general Saturday night. The teachings from the conference are now available for free download.

Free mp3s of the Weekend

 Friday evening (7:00-9:30pm)
   Session 1 -> Defining the Biblical Gospel (part one) — Sean Finnegan
   Session 2 -> Defining the Biblical Gospel (part two) — Victor Gluckin
 Saturday Morning (9:00-12:00pm)
   Session 3 -> The Aims of Evangelism — Nathan Crowder
   Session 4 -> A Method for Doing Evangelism — Victor Gluckin
 Saturday Afternoon (12:00-3:00pm)
   Session 5 -> Guidelines for Communicating Effectively — Sean Finnegan  
 Saturday Evening (7:30-9:30pm)
   Session 6 -> Overcoming Objections (Q&A From Audience)
 Sunday Morning (10:30-12:00pm)
   Session 7 -> Now Is Our Time To Speak — Victor Gluckin

I felt that the conference went well and as a direct result of it quite a few people decided to share the gospel of the kingdom with a stranger for the first time. The weekend was just the sort of boost we needed to get going with evangelism this summer.


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