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Teen Camp 2008


This past week we went to Camp Pinnacle in Voorhesville, NY with a crew of fifty teenagers studying the topic Walk in Love. It was a wonderful time to address a variety of issues that teens regularly face in school and at home. The goal was to show them how to follow Jesus in a way that demonstrates love even when everyone else is following the crowd.

 1   Our Motivation For Love   Thom Riley   listen   download 
 2   The Love of Jesus on the Cross   Sean Finnegan   listen   download 
 3   Love without Hypocrisy   John McCave   listen   download 
 4   Love is Not Selfish   Xristin Sanini   listen   download 
 5   Love Your Enemies   Victor Gluckin   listen   download 
 6   Taking God at His Word   Vince Finnegan   listen   download 
 7   Keep My Commandments   Ian Riley   listen   download 
 8   Visiting the Sick and Helping the Needy   Thom Riley   listen   download 
 9   Loving the Unlovable   Sean Finnegan   listen   download 
 10   The Right Heart   Jaired Crofut   listen   download 
 11   Washing Judas’ Feet   John McCave   listen   download 
 12   Walk Boldly   Victor Gluckin   listen   download 
 13   Salt of the Earth   Vince Finnegan   listen   download 


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