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This video was very good – inspiring and thought provoking. Do we have more passion about our God than the world does for theirs?

It is interesting to note that these songs and lyrics are so popular and are being pumped into our youth’s ears via ear buds each day. What is influencing the next generation more? Their parents, their church, the Bible or their iPod? As parents, do you even know what music your children listen to? As youth leaders, do we set a good example to our youth? Can we match and surpass our addiction to the things of God as we once had to the things of this world? Something to think about indeed.

One Response to “More Passion For Christ Than Hip Hop”

  1. on 13 Dec 2008 at 6:32 amJoe Testa

    Wow, that is really awesome! I think he really hit it on the head. I had no idea that hip hop had lyrics like that, mentioning Christ and the similarities of thier two worlds. The devil’s attack since the medieval time period was not to get people to worship other gods, but rather to distort the one true God and his son Jesus and twist what they have called us to. The devils ploy is to get us tobelieve that we can worship God in ways that are untrue, putting less and less responsibility on our actions.

    We need to not only speak (which I admit am not doing), but we need to speak the truth louder and with more conviction than the forces of the world. God is worth it.


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