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So maybe you have been hearing and seeing of the news now 2 weeks after the earthquake in Haiti and you’ve thought “I should do something.  I should send money.  I should donate something.”  Maybe you have spoken about it with someone close to you about the best way you could help.  But then maybe life got busy again for you.  Maybe your desire to think-through the best way to help has led you to do nothing because you’re just not sure if it will do any good.  Afterall, you can’t give enough to make the pain all go away – so then why do anything at all?

Here’s why that is problematic – I know someone who can give $100 to help people in Haiti and I know 20 people who can give $5 to help people in Haiti.  The one who has $100 really believes that their gift can help – so they give.  The 20 people with $5 don’t think that their gift can make a dent in the huge number of need – so they don’t give.  So rather than $200 going to help from 21 people giving, only $100 gets sent and 20 people buy a Venti Carmel Machiato at Starbucks that’s gone in 30mins.

I’ll be honest with you – I don’t know the best place for you to give.  Perhaps some Christian organizations help in relief efforts and do so with a heart of Christ – some governmental or non-profit organizations have more resources to get to where the greatest needs are.  I just wanted to highlight the fact that many of us have thought about doing something but then done nothing because the little we could do we thought wouldn’t help.  Below are a few articles that might help ease your concerns and enlighten us to what is going on in light of people helping:

Disaster Relief Myths: Busted

7 Myths of Disaster Relief

Christianity Today’s Haiti Help Blog

7 year old raises $200,000

Why not take some time today and pray about what you can and should do to help – rather than almost giving, which is actually not giving. And take some time today to pray for the people who live in Haiti – many of them devoted to the Christ – who have lost loved ones, lost homes that they would turn their eyes to the One who seeks the lost.  How wonderful it would be if Christians would be known as the most generous and compassionate people on earth.

James 1:27 – Religion that is pure and undefiled before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world.

For those of you who have encouragment on how to help, please leave a comment below.


6 Responses to “Myth: There Isn’t Much We Can Do”

  1. on 26 Jan 2010 at 10:09 amFrank D

    Well said, Victor. Well Said!

  2. on 26 Jan 2010 at 12:17 pmRon S.

    Good points Victor.

    For those of you who use cell phones and have text messaging capability, you can help people in Haiti quickly & easily.

    The American Red Cross has a mobile phone fundraising program setup for Haiti where anyone can make a quick $10 donation that will get added to your next cell phone bill. Just text “HAITI” to 90999. After sending that text message you will receive a confirmation text that asks you to reply “YES” if you actually intend to donate. After that, you will receive one more text asking you to reply “YES” if you want to receive text updates from the Red Cross. You can ignore it and not get them, or reply “YES” if you would like text updates. And that’s all there is to it.

    If you’re one of the lucky ones here in the US that can afford the luxury of a cell phone in the first place, what’s another $10? And you don’t even have to worry about paying it until your cell bill comes due. It is could not be easier or less painless. Go do it NOW!

    Here’s the American Red Cross website text info page about it:


  3. on 26 Jan 2010 at 12:58 pmAngela

    The Church of God Abrahamic Faith denomination supports a pastor, church, & orphanage in Haiti.

    If you would like to help our pastor & his coworkers in Haiti and his orphanage, you can send a check to the headquarters: Lord’s Harvest International -L.H.I. / P.O. Box 2950 / McDonough GA 30253. Earmark your check “Haiti.” (After this disaster, there will be many more orphans needing help.)

  4. on 26 Jan 2010 at 8:31 pmJoseph

    If you pay taxes then you are helping Haiti, as our government is giving hundreds of millions of tax dollars toward the relief. I personally don’t trust and donate to any organization that I don’t personally know the people running it. My feelings are that we should help Haiti, but I also think that it shouldn’t take a disaster to get us in the mood of helping. If you really want to see your donation be put to good use, donate local, this will make it easier to track your donation.

  5. on 27 Jan 2010 at 8:00 amVictor

    Joseph, what would you do if you just happened to live in a country that didn’t send your tax dollars to help?

    FYI all, donations to reputable organizations are eligible for tax deductions on LAST YEAR’s taxes (the ones due this April 15th). Read more below


  6. on 27 Jan 2010 at 8:16 amJoseph


    Then I would continue to donate my available funds for donating locally. There are plenty of groups that I like to donate to, one being a pro-life group. There is nothing like helping the unborn, they are 1st on my list. Haiti is a small blip on the huge radar, and I think blowing up support for Haiti is looking past the bigger issues that need addressing and that never get addressed.


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