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Whether you are a pastor, fellowship coordinator, or teen leader, I believe this is a good thought to consider:

John Piper: What Tone Should Preachers Aim At?

I really like Piper’s point to the fact that a good rule is to allow the text itself give us the tone for the word.  We are all going to be ourselves as we preach, teach and speak – but pausing to consider the tone of the text will help us communicate the truth more effectively.  Our “hopeful” or “passion” may not be God’s “hopeful” or “passion” or recognized by the congregation as such unless we allow the holy spirit the shape us and are humble to the truth that we need God’s help to speak a word for and from Him.  At the end of the day, all of us can do this with the spirit’s power – no matter how eloquent (or not) we may think we are.

One Response to “What Tone Should Preachers Aim At?”

  1. on 08 Jun 2011 at 3:07 amWolfgang

    Hello everybody,

    I too think there are some good points made in the article by J. Piper.

    I would think that the purpose of the preacher/teacher is to convey the message and to provide the best means available to him (utilizing his abilities in terms of vocabulary, speaking, logical presentation, receptivity to the audience, etc.) so that the hearers can understand and receive the truth of the message into their minds and hearts.

    Victor, you emphasize above “allow the holy spirit to shape us” and “speak with the spirit’s power”, etc …. could you tell in simple words what you mean with that and how you (and perhaps others) can recognize that you – as a preacher – allow the holy spirit to shape you, and what the difference would be between you speaking with the spirit’s power rather than using your abilities in terms of eloquence of speech?



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