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Click here to listen to “The Doctrine of God and Christ” mp3 [52:40].

Steve Katsaras, pastor of the Red Words Church in Australia and contributor to this blog, recently gave a thoroughly biblical exposition of the doctrines of God and Christ.

Yahweh is one, not two or three, and there is no God besides him. The Bible uses singular pronouns in reference to God thousands upon thousands of time, a fact that clearly teaches God is a singular individual. This one God is the eternal, omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent creator of heaven and earth.

Jesus is the human mediator who called God his Father. Jesus had a beginning in time and is the miraculously born son of God. Jesus recognized his Father as the only true God who was his superior. Jesus admitted to possessing limited knowledge; he was a mortal man who experienced temptation, hunger, thirst, weariness, suffering, death, and resurrection.

The doctrines of God and Christ mutated over time and continued to develop in new and unbiblical ways after the New Testament was written. Steve talks about the first four ecumenical counsels (Nicea in a.d. 325, Constantinople in a.d. 381, Ephesus in a.d. 431, and Chalcedon in a.d. 451) to demonstrate how these doctrines evolved over time.

Give a listen if this subject interests you and feel free to share with your friends. This may be just the kind of audio message you might want to burn on a CD or email to someone who is currently believing in a non-biblical view of God and Jesus.

Click here to listen to “The Doctrine of God and Christ” mp3 [52:40].

5 Responses to “The Doctrines of God and Christ: An Overview”

  1. on 11 Feb 2012 at 3:37 pmtimothy

    Steve and Sean,

    To know, that i know, that i know i know that GOD is the one and only.
    To believe, that i believe i am believing that Jesus Christ is not GOD.
    To be thankful to have teachers to instruct me how to become kingdom ready.

  2. on 12 Feb 2012 at 10:36 ambrando

    Guys,though off-topic,I think it is important every Christian should know the following:

    There is Richard Burridge’s 1992 book “What are the Gospels?”.It was revised and published again in 2OO4.

    He is a classicist,not an NT scholar,at least not then,who being an expert on ancient literature set out to prove that the claims by Talbert and others that the four gospels as biographies as being false.

    He believed they didn’t correspond to the biographical standards of Antiquity.

    But to his surprise he came to the opposite conclusion after making an analysis of about 5 bios from before the gospels and 5 after them.

    There are those who disagree with him but today most scholars agree the gospels are biographies,according to Michael Licona,that is to say the authors wrote believing they were writing history.

    About ancient bios and history

    Then it was ok to do:

    1.Time-compession,also known as telescoping,of events.

    2.To do paraphrasing as long as the real ideas of the person were given.


    Did you know that Suetonius,Josephus and Tacitus wrote that the Jews of Judea in the 1st century believed the Messiah would come?Here are the citations:


  3. on 22 Jul 2013 at 3:24 amJoy

    I am wondering how to make sense out of what many see as inconsistencies in God’s nature and in the principles taught in the Bible.On one hand ,we have good guiding principles, on the other hand,we read of this punishment/judgement upon others, that we are commanded not to do(sin).

  4. on 02 Feb 2016 at 3:13 amHock Ong


    I am visiting Melbourne, Australia. Could you please help me to get in touch with Pastor Steve Katsaras?

    thank you.


  5. on 07 Feb 2016 at 4:12 amClaude Porumb

    Hi Hock Ong,

    When are you visiting Melbourne, Aus? I can help you get in contact with him, he lives down the road from my house!!

    Feel free to contact me as well…

    Claude.P – claudiuprb@gmail.com


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