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Anthony Buzzard recently ported his books to the Amazon kindle format. For those of you not familiar with kindle, it is an electronic book reader (more info here). However, even if you do not own a kindle, you can still read kindle books on your computer, iPhone, nook, etc. So, if you are someone interested in e-reading, click here to see download all of Buzzard’s books for free. These are only free from July 11th to the 15th.

2 Responses to “Buzzard’s Books Free on Kindle”

  1. on 15 Jul 2012 at 8:54 amFiona

    Hi all
    Unfortunately it seems that if you live in South Africa, you don’t get them for free- this seems to happen quite often with Kindle free books. Luckily I have all of Anthony’s books, Ray Faircloth kindly sent them all to me some time back, but I heard that Greg Deubles book “They didn’t tell me this in church” was also available for free, and I really wanted to read that one. Thanks anyway, and enjoy your reading!

  2. on 15 Jul 2012 at 2:42 pmtimothy

    To All You All,

    The Living Hope International Ministry(home of this Kingdom ready blog) has free on line books to read. These books are to help one become Kingdom Ready too.

    *The Foundation*

    *Jesus the Christ*

    *Living Sacrifice*





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