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Debate: Does God Exist?


Does God Exist?
William Lane Craig vs. Peter Millican

This debate on “Does God Exist?” took place in front of a capacity audience at the Great Hall in the University of Birmingham (in England). It was recorded in October of 2011 as part of the UK Reasonable Faith Tour with William Lane Craig. The debate was hosted by the University of Birmingham Student Philosophy Society and moderated by Professor Carl Chinn.

I recently watched this in preparation for my Apologetics class and really enjoyed it. William Craig was really at his best and Oxford Professor, Peter Millican, brought some interesting arguments against God as well. A video like this is surely a premium resource to share with our atheist and agnostic friends and relatives. The debate is a bit technical at times, but that is the nature of engagement on this level.

For more William Lane Craig videos, including debates and lectures, visit his website at reasonablefaith.org.

2 Responses to “Debate: Does God Exist?”

  1. on 24 Oct 2012 at 10:57 amSarah

    I don’t suppose you recorded video or audio from your apologetics class, Sean?

  2. on 25 Oct 2012 at 1:14 pmSean


    No, I didn’t. However, a lot of what I said can also be found in Chad Meister’s Building Belief, which is excellent. I intend to write a blog post reviewing this book, since I enjoyed it so much.


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