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Proud of Our God


Victor Gluckin presents a balanced yet stirring case for getting the word out that the Father is the only true God. Too often biblical unitarians equivocate or chicken out for fear of rejection or excommunication. This is not to say we should belligerently pick theological fights, but it is to say we should be proud of who our God is to such a degree that we endeavor to share it with others in love. This is from the 2007 One God Conference held in Albany, NY. I just recently put this on Youtube and re-watched it. Victor’s words are just as poignant and needed today as they were when he spoke them.

If you are interested in attending the June 2013 One God Seminar in Seattle, click here to get more information.

2 Responses to “Proud of Our God”

  1. on 17 Apr 2013 at 9:12 amO12

    Unitarians don’t worship a logical contradiction.

  2. on 17 Apr 2013 at 9:28 amSean


    Please use a real name. Although the internet easily caters to anonymity, our preference on this blog is to express some level of transparency. Thank you.


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