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Installment #5 in my “Common Sense” series.


Biblical Common Sense – Jesus – The Messiah is suppose to be…

Then there’s the Biblical expectations regarding the Messiah. The Hebrew people have historically viewed (as Judaism still does to this day) the Messiah as someone that would be a real human being directly descended from the lineage of King David. And they have this view point because that is just what Scripture clearly describes – a real human man was promised, not God acting as a man.

The “Original” Testament starts such a path almost from the beginning with God giving a prophecy that one day a literal descendant of Eve would defeat the Serpent (Satan) in Genesis 3:15.

(Installment #4 in the series.)

Biblical Common Sense – Jesus – The Anointed of God

The term Messiah is the English translation for the Hebrew word “Moshiach” (or “Mashiach”), which means “God’s anointed, or “the anointed one (of God)”. The term was used to describe anyone who was “anointed” with holy anointing oil (e.g. Israel’s Kings, prophets, & priests) to signify being chosen for a task ordained/authorized by God. And in a deeper eschatological sense, Messiah also stood for the coming of THE final “Moshiach” from the Davidic line who would usher in the Messianic age (the “Olam Ha-Ba” or “the world to come”) and whose “kingship” would reign forever.

Installment #3 in the series.

Biblical Common Sense – Jesus – “This is MY son”

There are two different events recorded in the New Testament where God himself vocally indicates that Jesus is His son. First at his baptism we have the accounts the three synoptic gospels.

Matt 3:16-171 After being baptized, Jesus came up immediately from the water; and behold, the heavens were opened, and he saw the Spirit of God descending as a dove and lighting on Him, and behold, a voice out of the heavens said, “This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well-pleased.”

Here is the second installment of my paper (“A Common Sense Approach to the Biblical Presentation of Jesus, Death, & THE Devil“) with us getting into the first main subject – Jesus.  Keep in mind that within each of the three main subject areas (Jesus, Death, & The Devil), there are many sub-topics.  We’ll cover these smaller sub-topics in individual, manageable posts here on the blog.

Biblical Common Sense – Jesus – “God’s son”

Understanding who Jesus is and how the Bible presents him is not all that difficult when one stops and uses good ol’ common sense to recognize the meaning behind many of the words of Scripture.

I’m now embarking on posting here on the KR blog the paper that I wrote and presented as a speaker at Sir Anthony Buzzard’s & the Atlanta Bible College’s “20th Theological Conference” in Atlanta, GA on 5/13/11.  Originally this paper was titled “A Common Sense Approach to the Biblical Presentation of Jesus, Death, and THE Devil“. However at 20 very long typed pages it is just too much to post on the blog.  In talking with Sean there at the conference about the KR blog, he brought up Victor’s thinking that more people will read short articles than long ones.  I think that’s a smart approach and is something I will try to do here where possible. Plus this gives me a lot of subject material for quite some time!  Keep in mind though, that I wrote this as a long-form paper and its topics won’t always break into similar sizes – in other words, some of these segments will be nice and short and others will be considerably longer.

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