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Who is God? Is there any other question more important than this? Is God a singular individual or a multi-personal being? Has the Church been duped into settling for a philosophically sophisticated substitute in the place of the simple God of Judaism? Should Jesus be worshiped and if so how? Is the Holy Spirit a distinct person or is it/he just a way of talking about God’s presence in the world. These questions and many more demand satisfying and cogent biblical answers. To that kingdomready.org is hosting a written debate between Danny Andre’ Dixon and Marc Taylor. Each entry will be 1500 words or less posted each Tuesday and Saturday between August 17th and October 2nd. Everyone is welcome to participate in this debate by leaving comments on each post. We cannot guarantee that Mr. Tayor or Mr. Dixon will read your comments, but they very well may, depending on how many comments are made and how busy they are preparing for their next post. Please be sure to follow our Communication Policy when making comments.

Dr. Michael Brown
Kermit Zarley

Next Tuesday, January 12th, from 3-4pm EST, Kermit Zarley (Servetus the Evangelical) will be debating Dr. Michael Brown on the Line of Fire radio show. Dr. Brown is an evangelical author and activist who specializes in discussing Jewish-Christian relations (he grew up Jewish and converted to Christianity). This will be Mr. Zarley’s first official debate (to my knowledge) since the publication of his book The Restitution of Jesus Christ which is available at his website. To listen to the debate live go to The Truth Radio Network website on Tuesday at 3:00 pm and click on the “on air” icon at the top. The show will likely be archived on Dr. Brown’s website: lineoffireradio.askdrbrown.org.

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