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Royal Family Reunion Deadline

We have just hit 200 registered attendees for our upcoming Royal Family Reunion (RFR).  If you are part of the blog community and you would like to meet up in Latham, NY, the RFR may provide you with an opportunity.  For a description of the event, click here.  Prices are reduced until midnight tonight, after which they will bump up $10 per person.  We’d love to have you and get to know you better.  Our focus this year will be on Jesus Christ.  Teachers include Vince Finnegan, John McCave, John Cortright, Victor Gluckin, and Sean Finnegan.

Teen Camp 2012

Register online today

Are you a teenager or do you know one looking for a great Christian camp to attend this summer? Well, look no further! We are holding our annual summer Teen Camp at Silver Bay (Lake George, New York) from August 5-10. Here is a little about our theme.

Do you know the one thing that really bothers Jesus–that makes him want to vomit? Lukewarmness. He just can’t handle it when his followers are partially committed, partially interested, or partially obedient. It makes him sick to his stomach–like hot coffee that sat too long on the counter or a cold soda that was left in the car on a summer day. Yet, even though most of us know the scripture that says “because you are lukewarm…I will spit you out of my mouth,” we still do it (Rev. 3.16).

Anthony Buzzard recently ported his books to the Amazon kindle format. For those of you not familiar with kindle, it is an electronic book reader (more info here). However, even if you do not own a kindle, you can still read kindle books on your computer, iPhone, nook, etc. So, if you are someone interested in e-reading, click here to see download all of Buzzard’s books for free. These are only free from July 11th to the 15th.

The audio of the 11th annual One God Seminar (Austin, TX) is now available online at christianmonotheism.com. For a direct link click here. Unfortunately the audio recordings are low quality and more-or-less unedited, but, as they say, something is better than nothing. I also uploaded the notes to my talks as well as those for Dan Girouard’s since I had them. If any presenters would like me to post their outlines/papers, please email them to me. We had a great time in Texas and look forward to the conference again next year. It was also wonderful to see Ron S. in his native territory.

It’s only a few days away from teen camp! There is an excitement building in the hearts of the teens – and it’s with that in mind that I wanted to write this letter to you, the teen parents.

Our expectation for this years camp is high – God has been stirring our hearts for some time now that He desires these young people to know Him and come into a deep and lasting relationship with Him.  For many (if not all) of our teens, this is a critical time in their lives.  Many lives are hanging in the balance.  They are being wooed by the world with a ferocious intensity while God is calling to them with shouts of mercy.  What many of them want to do, they find themselves unable to do and the very things that they don’t want to do they do over and over again leading to shame, sorrow, and bondage.  Our families are being attacked daily by Satan and his agents.

Encounter 2011


Here is the promo for this years summer teen camp:

Have you ever wondered what it was like for Moses when He climbed Mount Sinai to encounter God? What was behind the thick dark cloud? What did he see? Or Isaiah, when he met God in the temple, what did he see sitting on the throne?

What was it like for him when the floor shook and the room filled with smoke? Or Ezekiel, when he saw God on a throne carried by four flaming cherubs, how did he feel?

As an attendee and presenter at this year’s Theological Conference put on by Sir Anthony Buzzard and the Atlanta Bible College, I guess I’m qualified to write a brief review of what went on and how things went.  With so many of us that post here on Kingdom Ready there in attendence, I would have thought that somebody would have beat me to  it already.  But maybe everyone else thought someone else would write something too.  So here goes.

Theological Conference Coming…

The following is the announcement from Anthony Buzzard about the upcoming Theological Conference:

We would like to invite you to our 20th anniversary Theological Conference May 12-15th, 2011. This annual conference at Simpsonwood Retreat Center promises to be an outstanding gathering of lovers of the Abrahamic faith and the Kingdom Gospel of Jesus, the Messiah. We are delighted to report that we will have a number of visitors and speakers from overseas — Australia, Germany, South Africa and England. The word of the Kingdom and the creed of Jesus are making an impact on a daily and ever-growing scale, thanks to books going out, in several languages, weekly at Amazon, and the astonishing power of the many websites now making the faith known to a potential of some 2 billion people. The increase in getting the message out is a constant source of joy. What a marvel is this amazing Internet.

Dr. Michael BrownKermit ZarleyWe want to welcome anyone who might be logging on to our blog and website after listening to Servetus the Evangelical on “The Line of Fire.” We want to welcome you to engage with us and check out our resources. Please check out Christian Monotheism a site with hundreds of resources – video, audio & articles – on this subject.

Sean Finnegan’s Truth Matters Radio Show interview with Kermit Zarley can be found here.

Dr. Michael Brown
Kermit Zarley

Next Tuesday, January 12th, from 3-4pm EST, Kermit Zarley (Servetus the Evangelical) will be debating Dr. Michael Brown on the Line of Fire radio show. Dr. Brown is an evangelical author and activist who specializes in discussing Jewish-Christian relations (he grew up Jewish and converted to Christianity). This will be Mr. Zarley’s first official debate (to my knowledge) since the publication of his book The Restitution of Jesus Christ which is available at his website. To listen to the debate live go to The Truth Radio Network website on Tuesday at 3:00 pm and click on the “on air” icon at the top. The show will likely be archived on Dr. Brown’s website: lineoffireradio.askdrbrown.org.

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