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Hello, I would like to preface my remark this afternoon with the fact that in all my years of striving to know the truth, coming from a dispensational trinitarian background not even realizing there was such a thing as a “one God” believer, I had to learn what I believed in reverse. The teaching that sent me on my quest was the pre tribulation rapture teaching..I grew up a baptist, lukewarm and removed from the company of those who “walked in the spirit”. After spending my teens and early twenties in the lusts of my flesh, I found despair, and longed for the company of Christ, whom I’d been introduced to as a youth.
I heard of a preacher who was a burning flame, had no compromise, and a great love for the Word, and that’s where I went to look for repentance, I later found out I had crossed over to Pentacostalism. It was exactly where the Lord wanted me. After years of cleaning myself up, (I still knew nothing of truly being reborn) I was pastoring a home church, and in the midst of teaching and praying and loving and serving, was researching doctrine. I found out I was a dispensationalist, that I believed (by default of being a pentacostal, or a baptist for that matter) it seemed I believed certain things about God’s dealings with Isreal, about the end times, about the church age, I realized that on the surface was good church, preaching from the Word of God, and fellowship and Faith and all that, but that at the roots, it was systematically a traditional dispensationalists theology I had been raised and groomed to believe..Not that that is bad in and of itself..But the pre-trib teaching really was so blatantly contradictory to what i read in Matthew, Daniel and Revelation ,etc. that I had to find the Theology that matched what I read in the Bible..So, into covenant theology i delved, into the messianic jewish community i went, online research galore, and realized i was looking at a long haul to realize the truth. I actually decided that if I didn’t find the systematic theology that coalesced all that came to me from the scriptures, I would have to develop it myself!!! Oh, man, I can’t even tell you how many lifetimes it would take me to do that. But I knew that God wanted his systematic theology to be reasonable, and not require so much back door interpolation and deductions of the intellectual order.