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I had no idea what to post today because I had quite a few things floating around in my head and then I read this particular article. I find the information to be very thought provoking and I want to share this article and perhaps spur on some discussion about the topic.


The article is about Heresy and how the original Greek was used and how the word is used now. The Greek word hairesis (that would be the Erasmian pronunciation guys, sorry) was originally used to denote factions or even denominations. The article goes through some of the implications of this and gives a few entries from dictionaries and encyclopedias.

A Quickie

Here is something very powerful that impressed itself upon me recently.

I found this prayer by Kaj Munk in the book The Irresistable Revolution by Shane Claiborne. Whether or not you agree with the contents or even think the book is a worthwhile read, I think everybody needs to see and/or hear this.

Kaj Munk was a Danish Lutheran pastor who was vehemently against both the regimes of Hitler and Mussolini and was eventually martyred during World War 2. This is a prayer or his.


I was researching the term Olam Ha-Ba which is basically the same terminology as “Eternal Life” (zoe aionios) in the New Testament, as a matter of fact; Olam is often translated with the word Aionios in the Septuagint. As I was researching, I stumbled upon this article talking about the Olam Ha-Ba on Judaism 101. It was quite confusing. On one hand they talked of the Olam Ha-Ba as occurring at a fixed point in the future (the resurrection of the dead) and at another point they talked of the Olam Ha-Ba in terms of the phrase Gan Eden (Garden of Eden) as a sort of Heaven-like place. I’m wondering if anyone can make heads or tales of this.

Hey all!

My name’s Kyle and I was recently asked to do the writings for Fridays here on KingdomReady.org. I hope that we can learn from each other.

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting down wondering what I was going to teach at the church that I am currently interning at when one of my favorite songs by the band mewithoutyou (yes, all one word–you should check them out if you ever get a chance) called “A Glass Can Only Spill What It Contains.” The words are good, very poetic and hard to understand, but that one sentence struck me as something extremely profound and thought provoking. I had been thinking about preaching on one of eight woes, in particular the one about the cup, and I remembered that wasn’t the only time Jesus had talked about cups and their contents.

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