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I have been on a 36 year quest to find the right the path which would give me a greater spiritual awareness and closeness to my Creator. I have found it to be a rocky road at times. On this journey I have finally come to know God in a greater way than I ever thought possible. I have also found that the hard things in life can be good for us, because they help us, by Faith, turn to our Creator and seek his help and guidance. GOD LIKES THAT, yes he likes when we depend on him. It was always that way we just didn’t know it. After all he did create us, wouldn’t you think he has all the answers. WHY NOT ASK? Please read the following Article, in it you may find something that can help you, as it did for me.

Thirty yeas ago this June while attending summer church camp as young teen, I sat in the open-air tabernacle listening to the evening evangelist give a dynamic and passionate sermon about Jesus’ 2nd coming.  The words he spoke, the Scripture verses he read aloud, the entire tone of his message struck a chord in my inner being.  In fact his sermons each previous night of the week-long camp were just as good and weighed heavily in my mind progressively.  But this final sermon of the week – on the final night of camp, seemed like God Himself was speaking through this man to give that particular sermon to ME.  At the alter call at the end of that service this minister asked if anyone else there in attendance wanted to accept Christ as their Lord & Savior (many had the previous nights & were also baptized).  A warmness overtook me and though at first my feet felt like they were nailed to the ground, the moment I decided I had to walk towards the front of the tabernacle, I could have sworn I floated like a feather down the aisle and up the front.  With tears in my eyes I knelt and confessed with my words and every emotional fiber within me, that I believed in and accepted Jesus of Nazareth as my Savior.  The next day before camp broke up, I was baptized in the same stream that my own grandmother had been baptized in some 50 years before.

A couple of my recent weekly posts have been about people who made a journey from one set of Biblical beliefs to another because of their investigation of the literal truth of Scripture.  This search for truth led one former trinitarian woman to see that her old beliefs in the trinity did not match up to what Scripture actually showed.  Another long-time Oneness preacher/singer/songwriter was led to finally see that Jesus is not the same literal being as God, but is really His Son, the real human Messiah.

Now I wish to present a slightly different perspective of a Jewish man who rekindled his ancestral faith while realizing that Jesus (or using his preference – Yeshua) was/is the human Jewish Messiah.

I was looking through some old copies of Anthony Buzzard’s “Focus on the Kingdom” newsletter today and re-read an article in it that I enjoyed reading all over again (though it has been over six years since I first read it).  The following is from a woman who attended the 2004 Theological Conference in Atlanta GA and presented the story of her own personal faith journey during the yearly segment that centers on that subject and allows people in attendance to tell the audience their own stories. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did.

My Spiritual Journey

by Diane M.

I recently attended a Women’s Conference and heard the Woman’s Minister say the following line, “Make your messes into your ministry and turn your pain into your passion.” And inside my heart, I knew that no truer statement could have been said about my life thus far. You see, about three years ago, my husband and I were attending a local church when our eldest son expressed his desire to be baptized. We were thrilled of course about his decision, so we phoned the youth pastor to tell him that our son wanted to be baptized the following Sunday. A few days later, we found ourselves sitting on our sofa, in our own living room, being quizzed and confronted with our beliefs.

It has been said (probably right here on this blog) that the Bible is the story of TWO MEN.  Another way of saying this is that Scripture tells the story of TWO ADAMS.  Which reminds me, I have a 30-40 year old booklet from a former old-school Advent Christian preacher on this subject that I one day need to transcribe into the digital realm.  Maybe I’ll get to that in the future and post it here.  But for now, there is a very nice “web” paper on this same subject from the folks over at biblicalunitarian.com entitled “Christianity 101: Two Adams“.

Thirty years ago this year a fellow Conditional Immortality believer and minister from Ohio by the name of J. Wesley Shaffer died.  However seven years before that in 1972 he wrote his own funeral sermon that he wanted read at his own funeral.  It was. What follows is a word for word transcript of that sermon (with all given capitalization & punctuation from my 1980 copy).

I hope such a sermon of truth is read at my own funeral – hopefully after I celebrate my 111th birthday in the tricentennial year of 2076!  🙂



By Wesley Shaffer – Minister

A Testimony to Music

The video above is taken from a Life House concert in which people act out the song. (Thanks Mark for making us aware of this.) It is incredibly moving and well done and expresses the essential beauty and innocence we have with God as children, how the world uses us and abuses us and tries to kill us, and then when we finally come to that point when we say, “enough is enough.” Then we seek hard after God with everything and he saves us through his son Jesus. The video is only five minutes but well worth it.

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