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This paper was presented on May 3rd, 2013 at the 21st Theologoical Conference I attended in Atlanta, GA by fellow brother and friend - Dustin Smith. http://www.newyorkjetsclub.com I’ll advise everyone ahead of time, this is a LONG paper as the word count/reading time shown here indicates.  But Dustin does a fine job in laying out the evidence in this discussion. I know I enjoyed it immensely and think this should serve as a very good reference material to be considered by all – no matter which side of the literal vs. non-literal Devil & Demons viewpoint you currently reside.  And yes I said “currently reside” because I grew-up in the literal view, switched to non-literal for many years, and then came back to the literal side – because of evidence and logic. People can change when they have an open mind. Read this paper and see where you are led!

Originally presented at Atlanta Bible College’s 2013 Theological Conference

According to the Hebrew prophets,cheap jerseys one day the God of heaven will set up a kingdom on this world, restoring it back to its original glory. Instead of shucking off the body like a husk so the soul can ascend, the biblical teaching about humanity’s destiny is rather fleshy. God designed humans to live on earth in the beginning, and he will resurrect his people on the last day, healing them of all their ailments and imparting to them immortality. The picture is a beautiful one, with people living in peace, confidently planting and harvesting without fear of intruders. Rather than rampant economic injustice, one will wear out the work of his own hands. This grand age is to begin with a banquet at which the resurrected saints will enjoy fine wine and rich meat, celebrating the victory of God. Although this terrestrial hope coursed through the veins of Jews for centuries, it had reached a fever pitch by the time of Jesus of Nazareth. In fact, he based his entire ministry on the proclamation and enactment of the coming of God’s kingdom.

The Theological Conference will be live webcast at the following times at

7:30 Dan Gill “The Torah of Messiah”

9:15 Dale Tuggy “The Lost Early History of Unitarian Christianity”
10:30 Joe Martin “God by the Book: Names, Titles and Numbers”
1:30 Dustin Smith “An Inquiry into the Identity and Meaning of the Devil and Demons”
3:00 Faith Stories
7:00 Kirk Walden “Turning Our Culture Upside Down: A Biblical Unitarian’s Journey in the Pro-Life Movement”

9:15 Sean Finnegan: “Eschatological Hedonism: How Asceticism Predisposed Ancient Christians to Reject the Kingdom Hope”
10:30 Kermit Zarley “Did Jesus Say He Would Return Soon?”
1:30 Ray Faircloth “The Cult Aspect of the Jehovah’s Witnesses Organization”
3:00 Anthony Buzzard “How Christianity Discards Its Own Founder’s Creed”

Are you looking to meet others of like precious faith? Cheap Jerseys free shipping Do you want to know what theological developments are afoot in the movement? Are you interested in stimulating conversation with other bible-minded people? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then you should come to this year’s Theological Conference held near Atlanta, Georgia. Here’s the official invitation from Anthony Buzzard:

For those that subscribe to Anthony Buzzard’s wonderful monthly newsletter “Focus on the Kingdom“, you have undoubtedly seen several announcements for the 2012 Theological Conference (the 21st) that will occur next week May 3rd – May 6th in Atlanta GA. I will be making my way there for my 3rd straight year!  It truly is a wonderful conference where Biblical Unitarian/One God Believers from all over the world can hear speakers, make new friends, and fellowship with one another.  Last year we had people from Europe, South Africa, South America, Australia, Canada, and from all over the USA.  Hope to see you there too!


5/3/12 – 5/6/12

Norcross, GA

This is an exclusive interview by J. Dan Gill with Jaco van Zyl of South Africa. Jaco, a former Jehovah’s Witness, talks about his experiences as a Jehovah’s Witness, his leaving the movement and coming to his One God faith today.


(Installment #4 in the series.)

Biblical Common Sense – Jesus – The Anointed of God

The term Messiah is the English translation for the Hebrew word “Moshiach” (or “Mashiach”), which means “God’s anointed, or “the anointed one (of God)”. The term was used to describe anyone who was “anointed” with holy anointing oil (e.g. Israel’s Kings, prophets, & priests) to signify being chosen for a task ordained/authorized by God. And in a deeper eschatological sense, Messiah also stood for the coming of THE final “Moshiach” from the Davidic line who would usher in the Messianic age (the “Olam Ha-Ba” or “the world to come”) and whose “kingship” would reign forever.

As an attendee and presenter at this year’s Theological Conference put on by Sir Anthony Buzzard and the Atlanta Bible College, I guess I’m qualified to write a brief review of what went on and how things went.  With so many of us that post here on Kingdom Ready there in attendence, I would have thought that somebody would have beat me to  it already.  But maybe everyone else thought someone else would write something too.  So here goes.

Joel Hemphill was a presenter/speaker at this year’s 19th Annual Theological Conference held in Atlanta, GA 4/25-4/28.  Joel did a terrific presentation on the need for “Removing Greek Philosophy From Christianity“.  If you’d like to view a video of it recorded there at the conference, you can watch it for free at Dan Gill’s wonderful 21st Century Reformation website: http://21stcr.org/multimedia/removing_greek_philosophy/removing_greek_philosophy.html.  On that same page you’ll find a down-loadable PDF version of another one of Joel’s tracts – this one about some “Shocking Admissions” from various Trinitarian scholars. I like it so much, I thought I’d publish it here in the KR blog.  I hope you enjoy as well.

If you subscribe to Anthony Buzzard’s excellent monthly newsletter “Focus on the Kingdom“, you probably are aware this year’s version of his annual Theological Conference (the 19th) is coming up at the end of next month.  KingdomReady’s very own Sean Finnegan has attended in year’s past, though his busy Masters school schedule will keep him away this time around.  However I’m planning on attending for the first time, and I wanted to invite all of you to attend if you have the opportunity.  There are so few chances for fellow truth-seekers like ourselves to get together in person and learn from one-another, fellowship, and hopefully build lasting friendships in our all-too-small (but hopefully growing) faith. Below is a nice overview from Anthony’s last newsletter.  Hope to see you there!

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