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Unfortunetly I have noticed a sad trend in our churches.  We have some on one side who are serious about seeking truth and understanding doctrinal matters.  We have some on another side who are serious about living the simple truths of Jesus’ teaching.  The sad and unfortunate trend that I have observed is that thes two sides often are in opposition to one another.  The doctrinal side demeans the practical side because they don’t know the truth or seem to have a hunger to search the Scriptures.  The practical side demeans the practical side because they are only concerned about knowing things and not doing things.

“Until we love people more than we love being right, we’ll continue to be part of the problem.” Jon Cheatwood.

Defending the Faith.

Going way WAY back into some old-school literature this week with a pamphlet that is 65 YEARS OLD! This one-time radio sermon was broadcast just a few months after the close of World War II in November of 1945!  I thought I would bring this sermon tract into the digital age and give it new life as it is a great explanation of how Paul’s famous expression is NOT a support for the immortal soul belief – but is instead a Resurrection truth like all of Paul’s other writings. 






Radio Pastor and Evangelist

Program of “The Advent Christian Church of the Air”

Coming to you live from Anthony Buzzards’ 19th Annual Theological Conference in Atalanta GA… I’m on the laptop and wirelessly connecting to the web.  Yeah, isn’t technology great!

Anyway, here’s an article I’ve been trying to write forever it seems.  Finally, I got around to getting it done over some downtimes over the past couple of days.  The subject is the 11th Chapter of John and the wonderful truths I believe that can be learned from it.


Life after death – according to Martha & Jesus

By Ron Shockley

I stopped adding new shows/podcasts to Truth Matters months ago when I went back to school. However, before I left I had recorded this show with David Burge of New Zealand. I finally found the time to edit it and so you can now download it (if it interests you) by going to www.truthmattersradio.com or clicking the link below. Also, please add David to your prayers as he is currently fighting cancer (see note at the bottom).

to listen to “Objections to Conditional Immortality Answered with David Burge” click here

More Common “Proof Texts”

The parable of the rich man and Lazarus in Luke 16 is probably the primary passage that on the surface appears to support the popular notion that judgment, with resulting punishment and reward, is meted out before the resurrection. But this would contradict the rest of Scripture, which says that judgment will take place after the resurrection at the return of Christ (Daniel 12:2; John 5:28,29; Revelation 20:11-15).

Common “Proof Texts”

Despite the overwhelming evidence of the Scriptures, there are a small handful of passages that are repeatedly cited as proof that a believer goes immediately to be with the Lord at death. One of the most common is Paul’s statement in II Corinthians 5:8, “We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.” This verse is almost always misquoted as, “To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.” It is generally assumed Paul meant that to be absent from the body (i.e. at death) equals being present with the Lord. Similarly, Paul wrote in Philippians 1:23, “For I am in a strait betwixt two, having a desire to depart, and to be with Christ; which is far better.” Did Paul mean that when he departed he would be immediately with Christ? Does being absent from the body mean being present with the Lord? If this was what he meant, it would contradict not only the Hebrew understanding of death which we have discussed, but even many things that Paul himself wrote elsewhere.

What Happens At Death?
When a person dies, the spirit (breath life) is gone and the body corrupts in the grave (“Thou takest away their breath, they die, and return to their dust.” – Psalm 104:29). Nowhere does it say that they are conscious on another plane of existence. This makes sense when you consider that consciousness and thought are the product of a functioning brain, and the brain is no longer functioning after the breath of life is gone.

A few weeks back a cousin in my large extended family (my mother was one of 8 brothers and sisters) died of cancer at the extremely young age of 21.  Since her death I have wanted to write her mother (my first cousin once removed) and her grandmother (my first cousin) a sympathy note that included a few words of Biblical encouragement.  Of course the difficult thing here is that my extended family is primarily all Baptist.  And as such they’re believers in going to heaven at death instead of remaining non-existent in the grave until The Resurrection at the return of Jesus.  So for me the challenge is how do I express sympathy while planting a few “truth seeds” about the biblical truth of The Resurrection?  I don’t want to be rude or preachy. But at the same time I wanted to express the hope that Scripture presents and see if God carries those seeds to fertile soil at some point in the future.

I recently attended a Women’s Conference and heard the Woman’s Minister say the following line, “Make your messes into your ministry and turn your pain into your passion.” And inside my heart, I knew that no truer statement could have been said about my life thus far. You see, about three years ago, my husband and I were attending a local church when our eldest son expressed his desire to be baptized. We were thrilled of course about his decision, so we phoned the youth pastor to tell him that our son wanted to be baptized the following Sunday. A few days later, we found ourselves sitting on our sofa, in our own living room, being quizzed and confronted with our beliefs.

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