Prayer request for Kennedy Kutukwa
Regarding: Country and Leaders.
[As of May 31, 2016 prayer is still needed]

original prayer request: May 31, 2016

Please join me in prayer for Kennedy Kutukwa, the Congo Saints and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, as Kennedy requests below:

God bless you!

Kennedy [one of the Congo Ministers] just sent me a message, and included this section asking for prayers for the saints in his country and for the current political instability. He asked me to pass this along.

-Rich Elton

Here's what Kennedy wrote:

"I ask you to pray much for our country the DRC, especially now since in the year 2016, we are going through very difficult times socially because it is an election year. This implies a lot of problems; because the authorities there want to change the constitution to stay in power. And then there is, on the other side, those who do not want the changes to the constitution, and are against that wish for alternation. We the people we see a hopeless and defenseless situation except for the means of prayer (Tell Vince and others for we need your particular spiritual support).

My compliments to all.

Kennedy KUTUKWA"

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