Prayer request for Susan Jackson
Regarding: Healing.
[As of April 5, 2017 prayer is no longer needed]

update from: April 5, 2017

I am sorry to report to you that Susan Jackson (Ruby Stopard's sister) fell asleep earlier today (April 5, 2017) and is awaiting the return of Jesus Christ. 

Please keep Ruby, her Mom and Susan's family in your prayers during this difficult time. 

update from: August 25, 2016

An update from Ruby Stopard, Susan's sister:

"God is good to us and faithful: never leaving us nor forsaking us. Susan has an endoscopy scheduled for this Friday at 9:30am (with in 2 days of request) and she was also able to eat more food yesterday (Wednesday) then the previous days (hours after prayer request was put out there).

Thank you with much love in Christ and please keep praying for her body manifesting God's healing, to eat as much as she is suppose to and the endoscopy showing God's healing or seeing what they need to do for the healing to her stomach area to work with your healing plan.

God Bless you and praise God much today

Ruby L McCarthy-Stopard"

God indeed is GOOD, ALL the time!

update from: August 24, 2016

Hi Bill,

Please update the prayers for Susan:

- Cancer cells destroyed/gone and not returning
- Working with the doctors and their hearing you to put together the right medicine that will work with you in destroying the cancel cells/tumor in her body
- For her able to eat and her body receiving the food and the food giving her body the nutrition it needs and blessed by you
- For the endoscopy being done very soon and the Doctor seeing the manifestation of your healing or see what they need to do for the healing to her stomach area
- For her confidence in you and your promises in your word be at the forefront of her mind and heart, for her to be of a good courage and not fainting

Thank you much

Have a blessed day

Ruby L McCarthy-Stopard

original prayer request: July 1, 2016

From Ruby Stopard:

"My sister Susan received results from tests recently done after the cancel maintenance treatment was completed because she was healed of the cancer and only had a small magnifying spot on her liver and a tiny tumor with the stomach; test showed the magnifying spot on the liver that was not seen before is now seen and the little tumor that was not seen has gotten larger and seen now. The doctor gave her 3 choices of treatment.

Susan is confident that God is still healing her through the stripes of Christ and asks for prays for her healing to be complete. Please pray with me for Susan's healing!

Thank you for your prayers.

God Bless you-Have a blessed day-the blessings of God are chasing you..............


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