Prayer request for VINCE STAGNITTA SR..
Regarding: Healing and Salvation.
[As of July 11, 2017 prayer is still needed]

original prayer request: July 11, 2017

Ruth Stagnitta would like to add a new prayer request for VINCE STAGNITTA SR.

"I don't know what he needs but the Father of light does.  I was just told he is in emergency room and that is all I know right now.  It has to do with his stomach, digestion system, intestines and cancer of intestines.  I rebuke it and the father of it, the devil.  There is no sickness in heaven.  Please believe with me when you pray that he has salvation and healing in the name of the one who healed them all and took our infirmities upon his back - by His STRIPES WE WERE HEALED!



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