Prayer request for Gail Cannon
Regarding: Healing.
[As of December 16, 2017 prayer is still needed]

update from: December 16, 2017

Gail's surgery went well.  However, there is one more bone yet to set in her wrist.

Please continue to pray for Gail's healing and all the other people involved and ramifications of the car accident.

update from: December 2, 2017

Gail Cannon has an update for Gail. 

"Surgery was determined necessary and will be on Monday. Please pray that the plate and pins are successful. Thank you so much for your prayers."

update from: November 28, 2017

Gail Cannon has an update for Gail. 

"God Bless everyone, thank you for your prayers. Today they hung my arm up to try and align the two broken bones because they broke at the joint it makes it a little more difficult. On Wednesday I go back for x-rays and if aligned they will recast if not then surgery. Please pray that they align.

Thank you so much. We have an awesome Father"

Let's continue in prayer for Gail!

original prayer request: November 24, 2017

Please join me in prayer for Gail Cannon.  Gail was in a car accident on 11/24/17 and has a broken wrist.  They sent her home with a splint and say she needs surgery.

Please pray for the pain to lesson and the right orthopedic surgeon with an immediate opening.

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