Genuine faith must be founded upon the Scriptures. The words of Jesus express clearly that obedience to his teaching is the basis of salvation. The parable of the sower describes the heart of our Lord's salvation for mankind. The sower (the teacher) sows the word about the Kingdom of God. The hearer's response to the message determines his destiny. Teaching is fundamental to faith and therefore is the understructure of Living Hope International Ministries.

One of the most fundamental problems of mankind is biblical illiteracy. Yet, all things that pertain to life and godliness are communicated in the Bible. All Scripture (including the Old and New Testaments) was given by inspiration of God and provides all the information necessary for right living. The widespread neglect of scriptural reading and the equally dangerous partial reading are the reasons that Living Hope is committed to provide simple, yet comprehensive teaching designed to help students understand the Bible and to apply it in daily living.

True faith and love must always be based upon a voluntary submission to the Scriptures. Our teachers understand that the truth spoken in love allows the Scriptures to be the persuasive means for the hearers. Heavy-handed control tactics are unbiblical and to be shunned.


We offer many biblical classes through systemic, progressive presentations both live and recorded including: