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Hated by the World


In Matthew 10.22 Jesus says the following.

“You will be hated by all because of My name, but it is the one who has endured to the end who will be saved.”

What comes to mind is how offensive the gospel, and the commandments of God and his Messiah are. How offensive is it to say that there can only be one right way? There is a huge gay-rights movement in America today; try telling one of them that their sexuality is a sin against God. That’s being intolerant of other people’s life styles.

Preaching the true Gospel today is the hardest task for a Christian (if you actually do it). You’re telling people that the day of the LORD and his Messiah is coming and and he is going to exterminate sinners from the land ( Isaiah 13.9). We have a society in which you cannot claim that there’s only one right way, and tell someone your wrong. You even feel bad saying it. I bet if you go around claiming Jesus’ message, you’d be hated by the world. Jesus had a few parables that stated clearly that he is the only way to eternal life and to the Father (via kevin). If what Jesus said was true, there are a lot of people who don’t know Christ. Even a lot Christians who “bear his name” don’t really bear his name. They’re just as worldly as the world.

Art Katz once said that If you’re not experiencing persecution that you are living beneath the Kingdom level. Being hated by the world and persecution are one and the same. Wouldn’t you think?

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  1. on 06 Dec 2007 at 3:12 pmLeah

    You know, polls repeatedly show that there is very little – if any -difference in the practise of life between nominal Christians and those who do not profess Christian faith. I always find this a bit disturbing. Where is the salt and light? On the other hand, it is so easy to fall back into the comfort of a position that says “who’s watching anyway?” And in a very real sense we would be right – very few will be watching. It’s all in the nature and nurture of the world around us. Scripture tells us that the whole world “lies” in wickedness. Plus, I think it’s a common strain of human thought to assume one is right unless shown to be wrong in a matter. I know it is for me.
    So it only stands to reason that the gospel of the Kingdom and the attendant change of life that goes along with it will be a “rock of offence” to many around us. We have something that promises an outcome of goodness in exchange for the relinquishment of our view of what constitutes the good or normal life. And if the law of God truly is written on the hearts of all people, then those hearts are being, at some level, convicted of wrongdoing and wrong thinking. Enter envy of those of us who may know something of the way out. So, yes, the gospel is offensive to the world, and any means from academic argument to outright legal sanction will be used against it. Think of recent court action in the Sudan.
    I agree with Katz, as quoted by Sal above. What can we do to rouse from our relative complacency? Like Sean said writing in response to a different topic, “I know all about staying lukewarm for God. How do I get on fire?” Paul says this thing is communicated by the “foolishness of preaching,” but such requires a strength and trust in God’s provision that few have. Yet we’re commanded as a body to do it.


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