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No Resolution – No Peace


Click here to listen to No Resolution – No Peaceas delivered by Lennox Abrigo, Apr 28th 2008, Atlanta Georgia. Commentary by John Obelenus

Lennox’s thesis is that personal relationships are destroyed by fear and immorality, and built up by peace and family. Society is based upon personal relationships, therefore it is necessary for the benefit of us all that our personal relationships are “working”.

He notes the accepting air of society around our initial human ungodly and sinful state. This only enhances people’s ability to sustain their injustice and replacement of moral values to the detriment of order and chaos.

Studies show that fear is commonly a root of conflict, as it causes self-centered behavior and the devaluation of others. Competition erupts when a threat to one’s comfort, status, or preference are felt. In Emerson’s words: “It is said to be the age of the first person singular”.

Rather, God’s intention is not conflict but peace among social interaction. Peace, in addition to helping oneself, has a functional value to God’s orderly creation. Will Durant: “Life in society requires the concession of some part of the individual’s sovereignty to the common order; and ultimately the norm of conduct becomes the welfare of the group.”

Lennox observes that “family” is not only a human condition, but an animal one as well. Therefore a universal law laid down in creation by God. Genesis 1 and 2 suggests this very same natural law of family which God set up.

“Reconciliation is never instantaneous, for combatants arrive there from estrangement only by way of arduous efforts.” JFK: “Peace is a daily, a weekly, a monthly process, gradually changing opinions, slowly eroding old barriers, quietly building new structures.” Reconciliation is a skill that brings peace.

Too often, he criticizes, Christians use their religion as a “drug of choice” to “call their pastor” about a problem rather then dealing with the problem head on and submitting their own selves in humility to God and others.

“As I see it, resolution for any relational conflict is a three-dimensional process, so that resolution is the journey and peace is the destination… Resolution, therefore, requires the commitment of the relevant parties to effect this subtraction, pursuant to harmony regarding the point of contention.”

Lennox has been following the situation of Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar throughout his paper. And he informs us as to how Abraham achieves reconciliation. First, he acknowledges Sarah’s dissatisfaction. Second, he values her, and selflessly grants her request (to cast out Hagar). Third, performing repentive actions, actually executing on his promise to undo what he did in conceiving with Hagar.

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  1. on 02 May 2008 at 1:26 pmBridget Profitt

    WELL DONE I’m very proud.Are we expecting another Phd to emerge soon.
    God Bless


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