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It has been said (probably right here on this blog) that the Bible is the story of TWO MEN.  Another way of saying this is that Scripture tells the story of TWO ADAMS.  Which reminds me, I have a 30-40 year old booklet from a former old-school Advent Christian preacher on this subject that I one day need to transcribe into the digital realm.  Maybe I’ll get to that in the future and post it here.  But for now, there is a very nice “web” paper on this same subject from the folks over at biblicalunitarian.com entitled “Christianity 101: Two Adams“.

However today I just wanted to take a look at another approach or view of the overall story of the Bible.  I think it fits the same basic approach as above, but just slightly different.  I noticed this from the story I posted last week about the “Blueprint and Plan for Man“.  There on the Simple Truth Ministries website that I linked to, there is a little Flash animation running on the right side of the page.  And it gives an overview of the Bible under the title of “The Whole Bible described with 5 R’s“.

Here’s what they are:


The Whole Bible described with 5 R’s



God created man to have a relationship with him.


God created man for rulership over His works and creation on Earth.


Man rebelled against God. Then man fell away from God and died.


God then set up a plan of redemption to rescue man from his fallen state.


God intends to Restore man to his previous stature.


Thoughts?  Would these “5 R’s” make for a good ice-breaker or door-opener with people who have a different (possibly unfavorable or overly complicated) view of Scripture?

3 Responses to “The Whole Bible – described with 5 R’s”

  1. on 14 Mar 2009 at 7:01 pmSean

    so long as Redemption includes the entire saga from Abraham to Jesus I’m ok with it 🙂

  2. on 14 Mar 2009 at 7:33 pmrobert

    i would say all 5 r’s existed at Adams time. Abraham and Jesus just fullfilled the plan for redemption.
    i beleive that all that have walked with God will be redemed and restored.

  3. on 17 Aug 2009 at 5:58 pmRandy

    I see you mention your Advent Christian roots. I would be interested in knowing more about those roots and where you abide. I grew up in an AC Church in rural Eastern North Carolina. Now I attend First Advent in Augusta, GA. You might know our pastor, John Tate. Just curious. By the way, he and I have had some serious debates regarding the Trinity, where he Kingdom is… etc….


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