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Stunning Byzantium Podcast


If any of you are interested in history, specifically Christian history, then this podcast is a must. Lars Brownworth, from Long Island, NY, teaches American History at a private, high school. He became fascinated by the history of the Byzantine empire from Constantine the Great in the early 4th century through to the destruction of Constantinople in a.d. 1453 by the Turks. This was the first explicitly Christian empire and many lessons can be learned from observing its history.

Each podcast varies in time, from 13 to 37 minutes, with each averaging around 20 minutes. Mr. Brownworth is energetic, concise, and easy to listen to throughout his description of each of the 12 major rulers of the Byzantine Empire. I highly recommend it to those of you who have a blank in your minds regarding Byzantium, and would like to have it filled in by someone who tells the story with vigor and erudition. Best of all, it’s free! (Don’t you just love the information age?)

check it out here www.12byzantinerulers.com


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