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Dear brothers and sisters, I just got the following note from a fellow christian monotheist.

Good afternoon, I’m writing to inform you that the American Family Radio talk network www.afr.net will be discussing and trying to convince us (using the bible) that Jesus IS God. This will take place tomorrow, Aug. 5th at 9:05 central/ 10:05 eastern. They will be taking calls regarding this subject. My husband and I will be listening and may perhaps call in to defend our heavenly Father and His Son. However, defending the truth that Jesus is NOT God is new for us. It would be great if someone from your ministry might be able to call in and provide some thought provoking comments. It can be heard online if there is no station broadcasting near you. Bless you, Cara and Steve

So, here is the plan. Tomorrow morning at 10:00am EST, click on this link http://www.afa.net/Radio/ListenLive/ and listen to the show. When they start talking about Jesus being God, call in to 1-888-589-8840 and give your top reasons for believing that God is one not three-in-one.

2 Responses to “Need Your Support for a Call-In Show!”

  1. on 05 Aug 2010 at 10:11 amSean

    oops…wrong link

    click on this one instead


    and this is the right phone number 1-866-963-2037 though it doesn’t seem to be working either!?

  2. on 05 Aug 2010 at 6:59 pmXavier


    What’s that in Australian, Sydney time/date?


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