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The Bible as Word Clouds


Are you familiar with word clouds? They specify frequency using font size so that words that appear more often are larger and vice versa. What if this way of displaying data were applied to books of the Bible? Well, it seems, someone has already had that idea. Check out the following Youtube video. Thanks to Brian (not Keating) for sending this over. Here are each of the books of the Bible displayed in order.

Here is another similar video from the same person which displays the frequencies for the entire Bible at once:

One Response to “The Bible as Word Clouds”

  1. on 09 Mar 2011 at 8:20 pmRon S.

    Wow! Those are really cool!

    You can really see that the Almighty wants us to know him! LORD (Yahweh) appears the most with God/Elohim a close second.


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