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Some sobering questions I have been challenged with of late that I thought I’d share with you:

Semantics aside, in the last year or so have you:

1 – preached the gospel to someone?

2 – been the agent God used for someone’s conversion?

3 – read the entire Old Testament, New Testament or both?

4 – prayed for one hour uninterrupted?

5 – prayed for and done good towards an enemy?

I know I often get busy doing church functions and events and perhaps lose sight of the mission we’ve been given by the one we call our Lord. Instead of speaking the gospel and reaching out to the lost (notice I didn’t say get people from one church to join another), we focus on other things, which while important, are not necessarily in line with the purposes of Christ.

We are called to be messengers of the king! Proclaiming the near coming of the kingdom! Exalting the name of our God!

So, look again at the list of things above.  There might be more I could add, but those are 5 things that we should be doing often.  Now compare that list to the sad one below.  Choose what you want this next year or so to be marked by.

In the last year or so have you:

1 – shunned someone?

2 – debated someone?

3 – insulted someone?

4 – offended someone?

5 – de-friended someone?

One Response to “In the last year or so, have you?”

  1. on 27 Jul 2011 at 1:35 amGeorge

    Sadly I have done all of the above,well the good is where I always should be,I shall be the man HE knows me to be,when,in the moment.LOL gw Thanks for sharing your heart LOVE gw


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