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Blog Fixed!


Dear all KR bloggers,

I apologize for the problems many of you have been having lately. Long comments were causing some strange “Internal Server Error.” This all happened after I completed a recent upgrade from WordPress 3.2 to 3.2.1. One would not think such a minor incremental change would make much a difference but it really messed up the blogging experience for some. I was unable to find a fix for this problem though I spent a good deal of time searching and trying out ideas. (Thank you Wolfgang for helping me with testing during this time).

However, I have been in the process for some time of moving all the kingdomready.org site over to lhim.org (Living Hope International Ministries). The last thing I had to move was the blog and quite frankly I was procrastinating because I didn’t know how to make the transition smooth. Well, I installed a fresh version of WordPress 3.2 (i.e. the version that works without trouble) on lhim.org/blog but then was having problems with characters like quotation marks and long dashes showing up as bizarre symbols. Finally I got that straightened out with some help from our server support team and now everything is working.

Consequently the old kingdomready.org/blog is now inactive and all links to articles, comments, categories, etc. will automatically redirect to lhim.org/blog. This means you don’t actually have to do anything (even for posters!), but it probably would be a good idea to update your favorites/bookmarks/homepage to lhim.org/blog, just in case one day kingdomready.org disappears. Again, I apologize for the interruption in service and I hope we will have smooth sailing from here on out. On the bright side, for some reason the blog now estimates how long it will take to read each post. Pretty neat, eh?


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