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For those that subscribe to Anthony Buzzard’s wonderful monthly newsletter “Focus on the Kingdom“, you have undoubtedly seen several announcements for the 2012 Theological Conference (the 21st) that will occur next week May 3rd – May 6th in Atlanta GA. I will be making my way there for my 3rd straight year!  It truly is a wonderful conference where Biblical Unitarian/One God Believers from all over the world can hear speakers, make new friends, and fellowship with one another.  Last year we had people from Europe, South Africa, South America, Australia, Canada, and from all over the USA.  Hope to see you there too!


5/3/12 – 5/6/12

Norcross, GA

The 21st annual “Theological Conference” sponsored by Atlanta Bible College and Restoration Fellowship will be held in Atlanta at Simpsonwood Retreat Center from May 3-6th, 2012.

“We are not far from our 21st annual “Theological Conference.” (Do not for a moment let that title deter you. “Theology” has become a dirty word in some circles, but is only the study of God and His will.) Do come, and bring your friends.

As I revisit some of the remarkable and very moving faith stories presented over the years, I am impressed with all the good things that have been reported by those from all parts of the world who have attended. Now that we have the amazing gift of Internet technology, the talents of skilled believers allow us to film the proceedings for posterity. This enables the work of the conference to be permanently available on websites. The fruits of the conference stretch far beyond the brief time we have together at Simpsonwood. Please join this team effort. This year Dr. Dale Tuggy, Professor of Philosophy at The State University of New York (SUNY Fredonia) and a committed unitarian, has agreed to be among our speakers.

The fact is that fellowship with others of the same faith is a vital necessity for our communal and individual growth. Please do make the effort (and sacrifice) to bless us with your presence. Some may wish to be baptized. Baptisms in the scenic river close to Simpsonwood have always been moving occasions for us all. You may wish to give your “faith story.” Some of you will be meeting fellow unitary monotheists, Gospel of the Kingdom believers for the first time. Others will renew long-held friendships.

We do hope that you will be able to make the trip and be inspired by the various speakers.”

Our emphasis is on presenting the faith to the world as our necessary participation in the Great Commission given us by Jesus. The Kingdom of God must be preached worldwide, Jesus said, and only then will the end come (Matt. 24:14). We need to consider our individual part in that effort. The arrival of the tool of the Internet makes Matthew 24:14 possible in a brand new way. We have exciting new websites to report, and a gifted younger generation is adding their skills to the important issue of making public the saving truths we hold in common. Also, my 10-minute video “Jesus is Still a Jew” at youtube.com now has about 75 pages of comment in the form of concise statements of our common beliefs. Along with huge increase of public exposure, “Abrahamics” are increasing their influence, but we need to do much more. The Great Commission remains a large task! The opposition is daunting, making our effort a kind of David and Goliath exercise!

For MORE details, costs, and how to attend, please visit the following link – http://focusonthekingdom.org/conf2012.htm.

5 Responses to “2012 Theological Conference – May 3rd thru 6th”

  1. on 25 Apr 2012 at 11:00 pmSean


    Thanks for posting this. I will be there. See you then!

  2. on 27 Apr 2012 at 10:55 amRon S.


    Sure, no problem. Awesome to hear you’ll be there too! I look forward to it.

  3. on 28 Apr 2012 at 6:10 pmAnthony

    Ron, great to hear from you, and we so much look forward to seeing you, of course. This is indeed a unique meeting where all are welcome and they will find plenty of good fellowship on the basic easy truth of Jesus’ Kingdom Gospel and Jesus’ unitarian creed (Mk 12:29). Please do plan on giving us an update, via faith story. You mean a lot to us.

    Bring a busload with you! This is fine fellowship and informative in every way. I know you will enjoy, and be a blessing,
    In Hope,
    Anthony and family

  4. on 30 Apr 2012 at 5:44 amFiona

    Hi Ron
    I’m so glad you will be able to attend the conference. I won’t be able to be there physically, but please be assured that I will pray that all those attending will be enlightened and uplifted by all they learn from the talks, and, of course, from the fellowship that all will enjoy. I look forward to listening to the talks at a later stage.

  5. on 08 May 2012 at 5:55 pmXavier

    Whose going back next year? 😉


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