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The following is a poem that Peter Taaffe presented at our winter teen camp (Dec. 27-30). It is call to live for God with all our hearts rather than falling into lukewarmness.

Most of us dodge life doing good deeds,

Sitting comfy on the couch flipping channels on the tv.

While others are dying for what they believe,

We sit and complain about the things we receive.

But it’s more than that, and hopefully you’ll see,

It about the father and son who died for you and me.

Can’t you see, it ain’t fiction its reality, those were real teardrops,

That’s a pure man dying for me.

We get mad when somebody confronts us

We beat, cursed and killed the man who lived a perfect life and loved us

I’m sick and tired of living a “normal Christian life”

With plans of having a big house, white picket fence, kids and a wife.

Not realizing that it’s because this man died that I have a life.

Always complaining about my troubles and strife.

When the point of my life is fighting the fight.

Living the life Christ showed me how to live.

It’s not about the things that you hear but the things that you give.

If it ain’t about Christ, then what ya livin’ for?

To live, to die and live no more?

Oh you’re mad? Guess we can call that subject sore.

But before you go let me ask you something,

How are you really living?

Are you living for Christ or are you livin’ for life?

Do you choose to love or do you choose to fight?

Are you choosing to crawl or choosing to fly?

Are you planning to live or do you want to die?

I guess it really comes down to two options:

Do you want to hide or are you willing to shine

2 Responses to “Shine”

  1. on 20 Jan 2013 at 6:16 pmDoubting Thomas

    Nice poem!!!
    Sometimes I feel like I am crawling through life. There are other times when I have felt like I could fly. I do hope that I let God’s love in me shine brightly for all the world to see… 🙂

  2. on 29 Jun 2013 at 5:15 amGigi

    this poem, does not look like a poem to me, it is like a question from Jesus, and it touched my heart. We should take this question, about our living with our Lord Jesus ,very serious.

    God bless


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