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In my recent examination of the biblical subject of The Devil/Satan, I ran across this article by Dr. Norman Geisler.  I thought he brought up some good points to consider.


The Reality of Satan

By Dr. Norman Geisler

(from Baker’s Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics, Baker, 1999)

A good deal of skepticism has been expressed about Satan. Those who take the Bible seriously are obliged to believe in Satan’s existence, since the Bible unmistakably refers to the demonic. Nonetheless, it is objected by skeptics and atheists that belief in a sinister evil power in the universe is outmoded and superstitious.

In Defense of the Satanic.

By popular demand (2 requests!), here is the article from my website.


One of the most hotly contested passages of Scripture is so well known that it has a name – the Comma Johanneum, or Johannine Comma. In this case, “comma” refers not to punctuation but to a clause. In the KJV, I John 5:7-8 reads as follows:

I John 5:
7 For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.
8 And there are three that bear witness in earth,
the Spirit, and the water, and the blood: and these three agree in one.

Recently here on Kingdom Ready there’s been a discussion on whether or not after being resurrected from the dead, one has a body that is actually “physical” or is immaterial.  The following paper by tektonics.org goes pretty in-depth into this subject and brings up many interesting points.

Originally posted on – http://www.tektonics.org/lp/physrez.html

On the Nature of The Resurrection Body

Our faith is under attack. Though many of us are not on the front lines, we all have the responsibility to be ready to make a defense to anyone who asks us to give an account for the hope that is in us (1 Peter 3.15). Sadly, in most churches we do not do well preparing and teaching our people the reasons why we believe what we believe. For example, why do we believe that there is a God? How do we know the Bible has been reliably transmitted? How can we be so sure that Jesus really was raised from the dead? These questions and many more are increasingly being asked, especially of those in college. What makes matters worse is that the anti-Christians, be they professors or fellow students, are often much better prepared to defend their position than we are. Does Christianity require a leap of faith regardless of the facts? What right do we have to say other faiths are in error if we cannot explain why our own is true? Questions like these have driven me to regularly expose myself to the field of apologetics (not apologizing, but defending or giving reasons for the faith). In this blog post I have collected together a number of resources that may help you give an answer to those attacking our faith.

A long time ago in a blog post far, far away…….Wow!  I knew I had been away for quite awhile.  But didn’t realize my hiatus was almost two months in length.  Sorry for being so very late in getting back to the second part of this and just being around here in kingdomready. I just had too many irons in the fire and had to pull this one out for awhile.  But without further ado, let’s get back into things and what better starting point than to finish my last post.

This is a continuation of  C. M. Keach’s “Do the Saints Go to Heaven When They Die? – Part I“.  Please refer back to it as needed.

Dr. Ben Witherington III (BW3) is a prominent evangelical scholar who serves as the Amos Professor of New Testament for Doctoral Studies at Asbury Theological Seminary. He has written over thirty books, has done many radio interviews, and has appeared on quite a few mainstream TV shows as an expert on matters related to the New Testament. Furthermore, Dr. Witherington frequently writes on his blog and is often among the first to respond when challenges to Christianity emerge (i.e. the Talpiot tomb, the DaVinci Code, books by Ehrman, etc.).

Thought this was an interesting perspective. What do you think?

the following post was written by Joshua from Taiwan:

Recently, while encountering Buddhists and Mormons, I’ve concluded that I must know something about their religious beliefs in order to be effective (in my opinion). Both are heavy on the “afterlife” (an unscriptural term) and both stress works for increased positions.

What is a good way of sharing the good news of Christ and His Kingdom with people of other religions?

Should we spend time reading their “sacred” books?

Is reading their “sacred” books prohibited for us Christians?

(NOTE: When dealing with Mormons, I found the Book of Mormon works well in showcasing the deception of the Mormon religion. [reference: Solomon Spalding; Manuscript Found])

I ran across another good ol’ Conditional Immortality paper, so I thought why not keep the theme of my post from last week going?  However since this paper has a natural break with two main areas, I will separate it into two posts – a Part I and a Part II. Here’s Part I.

Do the Saints Go to Heaven When They Die?

The Question Scripturally Considered
By Elder C. M. Keach
Part I.

Do the Saints Go to Heaven When They Die?

What a question! Does anyone doubt the doctrine?
Yes: thousands doubt it; and their number is increasing every day.
But have they any good reasons for doubting it?
Yes: many good reasons, a few of which are given below.

Last month on both Saturday 6/13 and Sunday 6/14, I attended the 2009 One God Seminars put on by the ACD (Association for Christian Development).  This was the first such conference I went to in person though I’ve read a lot about previous years conferences from this site (Sean has attended many), Anthony Buzzard’s Restoration Fellowship website & monthly newsletter (Focus on the Kingdom), and even the ACD Seminar organizer – Ken Westby’s website: http://www.godward.org/. I’ve always wanted to attend one, but for one reason or another never was never able to make the journey to the host location.  However this year’s chosen location happened to be in my home turf of Dallas-Ft. Worth.  And even more convenient was that the actual meeting location was a whole 15-20 minute drive from my house. What could be more perfect?  I was very ecstatic about it and even more so when I learned that Sir Anthony Buzzard was going to be a presenter. I had always wanted to hear him speak in person and to have the chance to meet him and possibly have a discussion or two on our mutual biblical interests.

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