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I listened to this talk by Dr. William Lane Craig a while ago and to this day I consider it one of the most thought provoking and best stated explanations of why life without God is miserable. Many atheists today assert that life is better without God. For example, Richard Dawkins said recently in the Expelled movie that he finds people are relieved when they discover that God does not exist. However, should this be the case? Some of the finest atheists of the last couple of centuries who thought deeply about their worldview came to a much different conclusion. In fact one of them said that the only serious philosophical question was whether or not to commit suicide.

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On March 4th Dr. Tim Keller, Senior Pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church (New York City), delivered a wonderful talk at the University of California at Berkeley in which he defended the Christian notion of exclusivity. In our day it is frequently asserted that no religion has “the truth” to the exclusion of any other religion. We are often told that we are arrogant if we believe that we are right on any point of doctrine. This becomes a real problem for us as Christians who are committed to the following statements of Scripture.

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I was really surprised to see this: Tim Keller speaking about God at Google.

You can find out a little more about Keller at his wikipedia page. He is an author, part-time seminary professor, and founder and pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City.

I am truly shocked that the employees of Google would have him speak, that the company would allow it, AND that is would be the highest attended talk! It seems from the limited description of the talk that he was doing the very basics of apologetics and intro to philosophy of religion type things:

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