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Are you familiar with word clouds? They specify frequency using font size so that words that appear more often are larger and vice versa. What if this way of displaying data were applied to books of the Bible? Well, it seems, someone has already had that idea. Check out the following Youtube video. Thanks to Brian (not Keating) for sending this over. Here are each of the books of the Bible displayed in order.

Here is another similar video from the same person which displays the frequencies for the entire Bible at once:

Modern day Judaism – especially Counter Missionaries, like to dismiss that the “Suffering Servant” of Isaiah 53 perfectly fits Jesus of Nazareth. The typical response from them is that Isaiah 53 is about the nation of Israel and not the Messiah. Therefore Jesus doesn’t fit it because it is not even about him in the first place.  But is that really proper exegesis?  Does the text really point to Israel? Or does it more properly belong to the promised human Messiah?

Take a look at this article and see what you think.  Seems to me the writer has some very valid points. Also check out the link a little over half-way through the article about how at one time Jewish Rabbis did indeed believe and write about how Isaiah 53 was actually about the future Messiah.

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