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Every year I teach a week-long intensive course on Apologetics at the Atlanta Bible College (apologetics is the field that provides reasons for the faith, cf. 1 Peter 3.15). Over the years, I have struggled and struggled to find decent textbooks to assign my students. I have tried several but they either have huge holes in their argumentation or else they only address one small aspect of the overall picture. In fact, I have gone so far as making my own makeshift textbook out of articles and excerpts. Well, I’ve finally found a book that truly fits the bill.

by Patrick Navas

I just finished reading Edward Fudge’s newest work, A Final Word on Hell, a book that, in my opinion, needs to be read by every professing “evangelical” and Bible-believing Christian. How any Christian could read this book carefully and still come away believing that the traditional doctrine of never-ending-torture is biblical is, truly, mind-boggling—though experience tells me that such would prove to be so in the case of most traditional pastors, preachers and church-goers.