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Inauguration Day

I thought this was humorous…

until I thought about how many people are like this when it comes to their faith, doctrine and truth?

Read the Bible. Ask questions. Dig deeper. Don’t believe it just because the preacher says it with conviction. Seek truth.

This article is helpful and insightful. Has some good wisdom that our blog could gain from.  Here’s a highlight:

Sometimes, lives are wrecked by “Business Traveler Mentality.” This is the belief that “the rules of home don’t apply when I’m on business trips.” People make really horrible decisions on the road they’d never make at home because, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

Often, we Christians suffer from that same line of thinking when we get online. We’ll tweet things we’d never say to someone’s face. We’ll comment on Facebook statuses in ways we’d never do in “real life.” We’ll push buttons and pick fights on comment threads and message boards. We’ll gossip and tear down people as if maybe “Love your neighbor” actually says, “Love your neighbor, except if you’re online.”

instead of a 1st century Jew, he might have sounded something like this humerous little cartoon.  Jesus’ reply to the absurdity of Peter’s faux response here is exactly what anyone in their right mind would/should say.  “What???”

Herman & Nudix - the Trinity

Original by Joe Perrott

Thought I’d take a break from the WWYD series this week.  Hope it has been thought provoking and helpful for your own journey.  I recently stumbled across a website which has been both hilarious and educational.  I wanted to share a recent post from this blog which I really enjoyed.  It is from the website “Stuff Christians Like.” The blog author has been compiling a list of “stuff Christians like” over the years to communicate the good, bad and comical of the modern church. (Here are numbers 1-500).  Let me know your thoughts of the post below.

A Humorous Music Video

The famous “Jesus Take the Wheel” song redone by Christian comedian Tim Hawkins as “Cletus Take the Reel.” Very amusing.

Musical Marriage Counseling

The Don’t Song…a must for all men who struggle with their marriages.