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This paper was presented on May 3rd, 2013 at the 21st Theologoical Conference I attended in Atlanta, GA by fellow brother and friend - Dustin Smith. http://www.newyorkjetsclub.com I’ll advise everyone ahead of time, this is a LONG paper as the word count/reading time shown here indicates.  But Dustin does a fine job in laying out the evidence in this discussion. I know I enjoyed it immensely and think this should serve as a very good reference material to be considered by all – no matter which side of the literal vs. non-literal Devil & Demons viewpoint you currently reside.  And yes I said “currently reside” because I grew-up in the literal view, switched to non-literal for many years, and then came back to the literal side – because of evidence and logic. People can change when they have an open mind. Read this paper and see where you are led!

In trying to get back in the swing of posting, I ‘m publishing an article here from one of my Facebook friends.

This was something he wrote and posted on FB last month and I really liked it a lot.  I told him I would post it here later so that others could read it as well.  Hope you enjoy it too.


By Craig Fruth

The following article is from John Ferreira, who can be reached at the looking4jesus web site. This article provides a concise description of the Biblical Unitarian beliefs about who Jesus is, and – especially – about when God created Jesus.


Jesus as the beginning of God’s creation.

To understand Rev. 3:14 you have to understand the two creations. We have the Genesis creation and the new creation referring to Jesus and His establisment of the church and the age to come.

Isaiah 65:17 “For behold, I create new heavens and a new earth; And the former shall not be remembered or come to mind.

What’s in a Name?

The following article is by Bethany Reise who is currently studying at the Atlanta Bible College.

The Bible talks about names a great deal. The Psalms in particular, are filled with references to “the name of the LORD.” The name of the LORD is blessed, exalted, to be praised, and to be feared. The Bible relates many stories of people who “called on the name of the LORD” and were saved or delivered from their distresses.

by Mike Hicks

My wife and I recently attended a baby dedication in our old church. During the message, my former Pastor noted, while condemning abortion, that Biblically a baby in the womb is a baby, not a “fetus”. He continued, “The word fetus isn’t in the Bible, so I don’t use it!” That is excellent advice, and in fact it is that very idea which began my departure out of Oneness Pentecostalism into the glorious truth of God the Father and His precious Son, Jesus Christ. Because my old Pastor believes that Jesus was God the Father in flesh (literally), he had a natural aversion to calling Jesus the Son of God. Instead, he would consistently “clarify” every scripture that he read which called Him the Son of God by saying “that word Son means flesh; the flesh of God”. Finally, after letting this bother me slightly for years, it began to bother me a lot. I realized that if I ever mimicked the prayer in Acts 4:24-30 (by the name of thy holy child Jesus) I would likely raise eyebrows, and possibly be rebuked. Why is it that we have to constantly “clarify” Biblical words in order understand what they mean?

Joseph’s paper as promised! Thanks Joe for the hard work on this and agreeing to post your work here as a KR Guest Author!



Judges 6 and the Hebrew Masoretic Vocalization of ADNY – Trinitarian Arguments Challenged

By: Joe Jerde


MS – Manuscript

MSS – Masuscripts

MT – Masoretic Text

TJon – Targum Jonathan

LXX א – Septuagint Codex Sinaiticus

LXX A – Septuagint Codex Alexandrinus

LXX B – Septuagint Codex Vaticanus

VetLat – Vetus Latina, Old Latin

Vg – Latin Vulgate

Pesh – Syriac Peshitta