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Famed New Testament scholar and manuscript expert, Daniel Wallace, recently appeared in the healing xJWs radio program. He made quite a few arguments regarding the Trinity–especially on John 17:3, 1 Cor. 8:6, Rom. 9:5, and 1 John 5:20. If you would like to listen to the show, click here (the interview starts at about 5 minutes in). Below is a written response by Patrick Navas, author of Divine Truth or Human Tradition, explaining the reasons why Wallace’s arguments fail to convince.

I recently listened to Patrick Navas’ debate against James White over whether or not Jesus is God. The specific debate topic was: “The deity of Christ is taught in the following texts or families of texts: John 12:41 (cf. Isa. 6 and 53), 1 Cor. 8:5-6, Heb. 1, Col. 1:15-17, and the ‘I am’ statements of Jesus (John 8:24/58, 13:19, 18:5-6).” Navas argued for a one-God position whereas White defended the doctrine of the Trinity. These two are among the best advocates of their respective positions.

by Patrick Navas

I just finished reading Edward Fudge’s newest work, A Final Word on Hell, a book that, in my opinion, needs to be read by every professing “evangelical” and Bible-believing Christian. How any Christian could read this book carefully and still come away believing that the traditional doctrine of never-ending-torture is biblical is, truly, mind-boggling—though experience tells me that such would prove to be so in the case of most traditional pastors, preachers and church-goers.

The following post is by Patrick Navas:

Hello Everyone,

Have any of you been following the debate between Robert Bowman and Dave Burke on the Trinity? I posted some comments in response to one Trinitarian apologist on the associated blog (pasted in this email) that I thought you might appreciate:


You wrote:

“I also find it interesting how you freely use the adjective “Scriptural” to describe your belief that God is “self-loving” (although as a Trinitarian I actually affirm this since Father, Son, and Spirit are the same God) in spite of the fact that Scripture doesn’t actually articulate this. It seems that you take issue with Trinitarians doing things along these lines; why is that?”

The following post is by our brother, Patrick Navas, the author of the book Divine Truth or Human Tradition? You can listen to an audio interview with him on the Truth Matters website.

Hello Everyone,

I just had an interesting but sad encounter with a Trinitarian man at a restaurant called Panera Bread here in Valencia.

He overheard me talking about the Scriptures and our home fellowships with my cousin and introduced himself when we were done with breakfast. He asked about our home fellowships, our group name, and about our “distinctives.”

the following email was sent to me a couple of weeks ago by Patrick Navas, author of Divine Truth or Human Tradition? and recent guest on Truth Matters, in which he discussed the issue of justification by faith alone. I thought his way of harmonizing Paul and James was helpful.

Hello Everyone,

Recently I had an email discussion with an evangelical friend on the subject of the doctrine of “justification by faith alone.” Can you read my short response to him and offer some feedback from your perspective?


This is the original question to my friend:

by Patrick Navas

6 Scripturally-Based Reasons Why Christians Should Not Adopt the Label “Jehovah’s Witnesses” As Their Official Group-Name

  1. The name “Jehovah’s Witnesses” was not the name that the early Christian community in apostolic times was known by.
  2. The name “Jehovah’s Witnesses” was chosen by a man named Judge Rutheford (the second president of the Watchtower Society) in the twentieth century (1931), not by God or Scripture in the first.