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Peter Woodcock works with the Co-Mission Initiative, a church planting group in London, and is Co-Pastor of Fairfield Church, Kingston. Previously he worked as a church evangelist in London and has been involved in missions in the UK and abroad.

The following sermon was preached last Sunday by Victor Gluckin at Living Faith Christian Church. The message cut “Churchianity” from true Christianity like a knife. Following Jesus is more than just attending a meeting an hour a week. It is more than just mentally assenting to a list of doctrines. It is more than having an emotional experience during the worship songs. It is more than mere behavior modification. We need to “be Jesus” in the easy situations but also when it is unpopular, awkward, or dangerous. Click the play button below to watch this rousing and timely presentation of true commitment to and identification with the Messiah.

Keith DanielThis sermon was preached by Keith Daniel an evangelist from Cape Town, South Africa. I’m not really sure what his denominational affiliation is but he associates with various holiness movements. This particular sermon is all about spending time with God. How well do you guard the quiet time you have with God? Keith asserts that this one Christian practice is the determining factor to living a holy life. The text for the sermon is taken from the parable of the vine given in John 15.

Shocking Youth Message by Paul Washer. He Was Never Invited Back

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Jesse MorrellJesse Morrell is an open air preacher. He travels around and does evangelism at college campuses throughout the US. In addition he travels to churches and preaches indoors occasionally. He is only in his 20s and this sermon may have been done when he was still a teenager. It is called Uncompromising Holiness and it emphasizes the fact that as Christians we need to hunger and thirst for righteousness. We cannot allow ourselves to be satisfied with just being more moral than the world. Though I disagree with Jesse on a number of theological points (he believes in the Trinity and heaven at death), I found this particular sermon to be extraordinary. He clearly articulates the need for the church to be holy before God without compromise.

Paris ReidheadParis Reidhead devoted his life to communicating the message of the Gospel in America and throughout the world. A student pastor in the rural Minnesota at age eighteen, Mr. Reidhead felt led of the Lord to overseas mission work. In 1945, Paris Reidhead and Marjorie, his wife of two years, traveled under the auspices of the Sudan Interior Mission to the Sudan-Ethiopia Border where they surveyed and analyzed tribal languages in preparation for evangelism and education in this area. More about Paris here

Keith DanielKeith Daniel is a preacher and an evangelist from South Africa. In this audio file he shares the story of his father and how he came to repent. His dad lived through the great depression, World War II, and the economic boom that followed. As he rose to prominence in the business world, the stresses mounted so he turned to alcohol. He would drink early in the morning and late into the night. I won’t ruin the rest of the story for you, but suffice it to say it is one of the most staggering testimonies to God’s amazing grace and love I’ve ever heard.

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