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First of all, here is a video which contains a section of a sermon by John Piper given around the anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade decision and seems to be a direct response to some of President Obama’s statements made at that time. I thought it was very powerful and was very blessed to view it.

Second, a bit of very interesting news, is that there was some sort of decision made recently in Sweden where you cannot forbid abortions based on Gender selection. I know I’m operating outside my worldview, but why would it matter if someone used gender as apposed to any other reason as a reason to abort? Click here to read the article.

The Holiday season has snuck up on us again. A time of year when… well you know. This was a popular video last year that made the rounds in our circles and since we are creatures who tend to forget, I thought it might warrant re-viewing. It sums up the origins of many of the Christmas traditions as we know them now and exposes where we got them from. (note: the first two minutes of the video are an advertisement…feel free to fast forward)

    Some questions we may ask ourselves after we watch are:

  1. Should we “Christianize” a pagan Holiday?
  2. If we do, should we leave out the old pagan elements?

It has happened almost every Sunday. There is a fresh face in church and we rejoice to see them. We begin to embrace them as newfound a brother or sister in Christ and speaking to them as if they have been a Christian in a worldly body there whole life. WE invite them to the the next social event and if they liked the teaching. This might happen at a home fellowship, church or social function. What basis do we have to treat people this way? Why do we assume that people have heard, received and accepted gospel because they are at church? This attitude of “repentance assumed” was pointed out to me recently and its wasn’t a new or profound idea, but it did stir up concern. I think its very dangerous and bizarre to treat people this way.