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It’s only a few days away from teen camp! There is an excitement building in the hearts of the teens – and it’s with that in mind that I wanted to write this letter to you, the teen parents.

Our expectation for this years camp is high – God has been stirring our hearts for some time now that He desires these young people to know Him and come into a deep and lasting relationship with Him.  For many (if not all) of our teens, this is a critical time in their lives.  Many lives are hanging in the balance.  They are being wooed by the world with a ferocious intensity while God is calling to them with shouts of mercy.  What many of them want to do, they find themselves unable to do and the very things that they don’t want to do they do over and over again leading to shame, sorrow, and bondage.  Our families are being attacked daily by Satan and his agents.